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e-Therapy is Effective for Aches and Pains

The e-mails below do not need further comments from us. They speak for themselves!
11 October 2011

Dear Dr Teo,
I have been reading about this e-therapy on your blog and also receive some info about this from your good friend Hanafi.
I am very interested to try this machine and hope it can help me with the pain that I have been experiencing on my right shoulder and upper right arm. I only experience this pain when I am going to sleep. The pain will disappear in the morning and throughout the day. However, if I raise my hand half way and try to move backward, then I can feel some pressure on my upper arm.
Another reason for wanting to try this e-therapy is because I also have some blood pressure issues.
Since early June, I have been taking your Capsule A, C-tea and Thyroid tea.
Thank you.

Reply: Where are you from? KL? If KL then susah, you have to come to Penang. You need to do a few days to know if it works.

13 October 2011
Dear Dr. Teo,
I am very keen in purchasing the e-therapy machine. After reading the testimonials from people who had use the machine on your blog, I also feel that I can benefit from the use. As the price is also quite high, I agree with you that I need to try first to see the effect on me.

I have spoken to Hanafi and he is willing to let me try his machine. I would probably be able to try this machine this weekend. Please assist me in giving the instruction as to what type of treatment I should do.
FYI, since the past two days, I had been having this lower back pain that started rather mild on Tuesday afternoon and gets worst yesterday. The pain seems to radiate from the back and I can also feel inside my body on the right side near the hip sometimes. The pain is more on the right side than the left. The pain also becomes more pronounced when I move, walk or change position especially doing all these when I lie down.

The pain is also restricting me from moving or bending. When I need to bend, I have to do it slowly to avoid feeling the sharp pain. The pain is more like a dull muscle ache. What puzzled me is I did not so anything strenuous, had a fall or bumped into anything. In the past I would probably had taken a few pain killers to solve this situation.

Reply: First you must do Detox #2 —that will take 34 minutes. Drink a lot of water, if your face feels tight or if you feel heaty. Next day do Detox #3. Third day do Lumbago #98. After you are done with it, continue with another program Backache #57. Let me know what happens after you do the program.

16 October 2011
Dear Dr. Teo,
I managed to use the e-therapy machine yesterday at 6.30pm. Kak Inin started on a moderate intensity just to get me have a feel of the treatment. After doing the Detox #2, I did not feel any changes to my health initially.
When I went to bed last night, I did feel some difference from the previous few nights. I do not feel the pain on my lower back and inside my abdomen. And I can roll from side to side with no discomfort. Also there was less discomfort on my upper right arm and shoulder. The pain on my lower back seemed to be less on Friday but got worst on Friday night (day before starting e-therapy).
Another difference that I observed was when I woke up in the morning, It is easier for me to get out of bed. I can spontaneously sit-up and get up as opposed to a few days back when I have to move my body slowly before I can get off the bed and after 10-15 minute all the body ache will disappear. I only experienced this backache since last Tuesday (about 4 days back), I did not have this back ache before this.

I also slept well. Normally, I woke at least once during the night. On bad nights, a few times. So last night I managed to sleep close to 5 1/2 hours straight.

Today, I will try Detox #3. With just 1 session, I am happy that there has been improvement on some of my health issues. Will do this Detox #3 and will let you know the outcome.
Thank you and regards.

17 October 2011
Dear Dr. Teo,
I managed to use the e-therapy machine again yesterday at 3.00pm.
Again I had better sleep last night and pain in my lower back is no longer there. Pain on my upper right arm and shoulder is also getting better. Generally, my whole body feels ‘lighter’.
As for my blood pressure, the readings are still not below 120/80.
Looking forward to see you tomorrow.

18 October 2011

Our conversation — Subang Jaya, Selangor.