CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

What Now? Is there another option?


1 Title


Pt 1 Get The Best Of Both Worlds

Pt 2 Die of Cancer or Of Treatment

Pt 3 Overblown Statistics and Empty Promise

Pt 4 Doc, Give Me An Honest Answer

Pt 5 Beware Expensive and Dangerous Drug That Does Not Cure

Pt 6 Does Chemo Make Sense? Are Doctors Truly Honest?

Pt 7 Chemo Treats or Promotes Cancer?

Pt 8 Don’t Panic, Heal Yourself

Pt 9 Believe the Diagnosis Not the Prognosis

Pt 10 Chemo Almost Kill, Herbs Kept Him Alive

Pt 11 To Live or Die Is Your Choice

Pt 12 Recovered: Even After Doctor Said No Chance

Pt 13 Doctor’s Bullying Ways and Self-interest

Pt 14 The CA Care Therapy