CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

My Advice to Cancer Patients


I know it is very confusing when people start giving you all kinds of “expert advices.” There would be well-meaning relatives and friends who come and give their opinions. I use to tell patients, Yesterday these people know nothing about cancer, but today they turn “experts” telling you what to do. Instant experts are just like instant noodle – are junks.

When I first started CA Care, I must admit I know nothing about cancer. My knowledge about cancer was “absolute zero.” With time, and with lots of reading and listening to many patients, I learn a lot.

Let me share with what I know briefly.

If you have cancer KNOW that no one on earth can guarantee a cure. At best, it is a remission and the cancer can come back again – months or years later.
What seems a realistic aim is to be able to live a quality life – to be as normal and healthy as possible knowing that cancer cells may be still in your body. Let us learn to live with our own cancer cells.
In general, it appears that neither modern medicine nor alternative medicine can claim great success – at most a 30 to 40% success rate. What do I mean by success rate? I don’t know and I don’t think anyone honest enough would also know. Anyway, 60 to 70% of cancer patients would, unfortunately, be left high and dry – often abandoned. I see many of such cases.
You have THREE options for your cancer management:
OPTION ONE: seek only treatments offered by modern medicine i.e. surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc. Good bonus: YOU CAN EAT WHAT YOU LIKE and also continue with your old lifestyle. Literature says some people suffer badly from the side effects – vomiting, botak (bald) and later suffer possible damage to liver, kidney, heart, etc. Some people may even die from the treatments themselves rather than the cancer. There are the so-called scientific methods – the path that many would follow without questioning or thinking.

Listen to the video of our patient and also our friend.

OPTION TWO: seek alternative medicine without aggressive procedures. This is just as good or bad as there are good and bad apples. If the healer promises you a cure or you need to spend plenty of money for the procedure – be careful! He may be after your money not your cancer. For reasons only known to themselves most doctors consider this QUACKERY.

OPTION THREE: seek complementary therapy. This is marrying one and two above. Adopt the best of both worlds. Reject procedures what do not make sense to you or are too aggressive. This is what we do at CA Care. Unfortunately taking this path is no honeymoon. You need to work for your healing. You need to change your diet and your old lifestyle. It does not make sense to continue polluting and abusing your body further after it has been cleanse. We advocate this path and we also end up being called a QUACK. We hear comments like: Cancer patients can eat anything they like except herbs. Some even told their patients – Take herbs only after all the medical treatments that we give you do not work! You see Chris Teo – you die because you cannot eat what you like. So be it.

Ignorance kills! Kiasus don’t always win either. Make your choice and please yourself.