CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

My 6.9 cm Ovarian Cyst Disappeared !



Chris (C):  When did you have the cyst?

Anita (A):  It was in July, 2003.

C: There’s a cyst in the left ovary?

A: Yes, left ovary. It was 6.9 cm. The doctor asked me to go for an operation. But I said no.  I came here and took the herbs and it went down to 3.7 cm. That was three months later.

C: How did you know it went down to 3.7 cm?

A: I went to see the doctor again to have a scan.

C: Do you continue to take the herbs?

A: Yes. I continued taking until ….. I went again in November.

C: That 2003 also?

A: Yes. And the doctor was surprised: Eh, how come there’s no more inside. I better check again. So she did the scan. Scanned, scanned and confirmed it’s gone.