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How to Prepare Your Herbal Tea

Instructions and tips on how to prepare and take the herbal teas:

Tips for preparation:

1.        You will need a cooking pot (glass, clay or stainless steel) for preparation of tea. Choose one that is big enough to prevent boiling over.

2.        To save time spent in kitchen preparing the teas, you may boil more than one herbal tea at the same time. In this case you will need two or more pots and stoves. All teas must be boiled separately, strained and kept in separate thermos flasks.

3.        The teas are to be taken separately, at separate times (preferably at least 1 -2 hours apart). Before the appropriate time to take the prepared herbal tea, pour out the tea into a cup to allow it to cool to a comfortable temperature for drinking.

4.        Do not keep the tea overnight. It may turn sour.

Instructions are given at the top of the box. Below are some tips and general instructions for the preparation of the various herbs.

deTox TeaC-Tea and LL-Tea

How to prepare:  The amount of tea to use is stated on the label. Boil tea in 1 litre water. When water boils, lower flame and simmer for about 25 minutes. Turn off the flame and allow sediments to settle. Sieve tea into a thermos flask to keep for drinking. We recommend that you drink 1 or 2 litres of tea per day. Drink tea throughout the day as drinking water. When you have finished the tea, you may drink water as usual.

Other Herbal Teas

How to prepare: The amount of tea to use is stated on the label. Generally you need to use 6 Tablespoonfuls (heap) tea to 3 cups (1 cup about 230 – 250 ml) water in a cooking pot. Put to boil without covering the pot. Use medium flame when water starts boiling. Continue boiling until about 1 cup water is left. Strain the tea. You can discard the debris or reboil it to make another cup of tea to drink later. Allow tea to cool down (warm) before consuming.

Drink one type of at a time. Give an hour or two, before you take the next tea. If you find the taste in your mouth is unpleasant, munch a small piece of fruit after consuming tea. That will help, but do not take sweets or artificial sweeteners.

Pain Tea

How to prepare: Add 3 Tablespoonful (heap) tea to 3 cups (1 cup about 230 – 250 ml) water in a cooking pot. Put to boil as described earlier.

Tips: Pain Tea can also be boiled together with another herbal tea (e.g., Brain, Bone, Breast, Cervical, Lung, Liver P, Lymphoma, Prostate, Stomach, Utero-Ovary, Ascites, Abdominal Distension, etc.). This saves preparation time. In this case, use 3 Tablespoons of Pain Tea + 6 Tablespoons of any tea into 3 or 4 cups water and boil down to 1 cup. Note that only Pain Tea can be mixed with other teas. Other teas need to be boiled separately.

Patient taking Breast M, Liver P, Ascites and 5 times of Pain Tea per day.

1. 6 Tablespoons Breast M + 3 Tablespoons of Pain Tea: Boil as described above.

2. 6 Tabolespoons of Liver P +   3 Tablespoons of Pain Tea:  Boil as described above.

3. 6 Tablespoons of Ascites + 3 Tablespoons of Pain Tea:  Boil as described above.

4. Patient needs to take 2 more doses of Pain Tea:  Add 6 (3+3) Tablespoons Pain to 6 cups water and boil as described above. Boil until 2 cups. Take one cup of Pain Tea at a time.

More tips: Sometimes patient takes finds it difficult to drink too much teas. In such a situation, the teas can be concentrated by boiling longer to reduce the volume to ¾ or ½ a cup instead of 1 cup.    

Take for example a patient who is prescribed:

1. Capsule A + B, 2 + 2 capsules three times a day. Note: Capsule A+B need to be taken with honey water. In this case use a half-teaspoon of honey in warm water and drink it together with the capsules. If you are only taking Capsule A, then it is not necessary to drink with honey water.

2. LL-tea, drink as drinking water.

3. Breast M tea, once a day.

4. Liver P tea, once a day.

5. Ascites tea, once a day.

6. Pain tea, 3 times a day.

You may plan your schedule as below:


Wake up: Take 2 cap A + 2 cap B with honey water, on empty stomach. If you have gastric problem, take capsules after breakfast. Honey is for medicinal purpose. Do not replace with sugar.

Mid-morning, ONE hours after breakfast. Take Breast M + Pain teas.


ONE HOUR before or after lunch: Take 2 cap A + 2 cap B with honey water.

Mid-afternoon: Ascites + Pain teas.


Late evening ONE hour before dinner. Liver P + Pain Teas.

Before going to bed: Take 2 cap A + 2 cap B with honey water.

The above schedule is just an example. You don’t have to strictly follow the suggestion. Please make your own schedule that suits your circumstances.