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Metastatic Melanoma-Lung Cancer


Guat (T672) is a 53-year-female. In 2006, she had been coughing out blood for the whole year. In September 2007, Guat underwent an operation to remove her appendix. Her throat was swollen after this operation. MRI of her neck on 7 October 2007 showed normal nasopharynx and thyroid. However, there was an irregular lesion at the right upper lobe of her lung.

A CT scan on 9 October 2007 showed 2 focal cavitating lesions at the right upper lobe and left ...

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NPC Recurred

He Took Herbs and Changed His Diet and was Healed

Jack, a 52-year-old male, was diagnosed with Stage 2 nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) in December 2002. He underwent thirty-five radiation treatments but these did not cure him. He suffered a recurrence eight months later. Jack was asked to undergo a surgery to open up his face so that the tumour could be removed. He was on the verge of doing that when a friend suggested that he looked for another option. Jack ...

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PSA Down To 0.2


HCY/b39 was a 83-year old male. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer that had spread to the bone. The MRI of the thoracolumbar spine done on 5 September 2000 indicated: Osteoporotic compression fracture vertebral body of L3. Moderate compression fracture vertebral body L1.

The PSA reading was 27.08.

The biopsy report dated 11 September 2000 is as follows: Right lobe: well differentiated adenocarcinoma of the prostate. Gleason Grade 2, Stage T 1b. Left lobe: Benign prostatic hypertrophy.

15 September 2000. The son came and ...

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Prostate Cancer with Bloody Urine

Three Months on Herbs PSA Down to 0.5.

It was one afternoon when Chris received a call from Pete (not real name), a 65-year-old man who suffered from prostate cancer. The following are what we can gather from his doctor’s letter faxed to us:

PSA= 61.8.  An MRI scan indicated enlarged prostate with features of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). In addition there were features highly suspicious of neoplasm involving the whole of the right peripheral zone and also a suspicious focus within the ...

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PSA at 674 Down to 2.6

After Four Months on Herbs and Goserelin Injection


LC/b516, is a 52-year old male. Sometime in December 2001, his urine flow became blocked. However, there was no pain or blood in the urine. By end of January 2002, the problem of urination blockage became more serious. The urine seemed to flow and stop, flow and stop. By mid-February 2002, LC suffered pains. He went to see a GP who prescribed antibiotics. There was no effect. A blood test later showed PSA=674.5. ...

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PSA Down From 436 to 46.9


Paul (J112) was a 65 year-old male from Indonesia. He suffered from prostate cancer. His PSA test on 5 May 2000 was 436. After taking the herbs for four weeks (Cap. A, deTox Mountain Guava, Prostate A, Pain Tea and Stomach Function) we received two faxes on 22 June and 23 June 2000 with the following messages:

1.      Pain was gone after taking Pain Tea for two days.

2.      Feeling of fullness / bloatedness in the stomach disappeared after taking half a box of Stomach ...

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Prostate Cancer Gone After Nine Months on Herbs?


DC /A494, is a 67-year old male. He had difficulty urinating. On 7 November 1999, he went to a specialist hospital and was diagnosed as having prostate cancer (Gleason scale 2 + 2 =4). The PSA was 31.2.  The doctor suggested that he undergo an operation.  He refused. He was not given any medication.  A medical report dated 28 December 1999 stated: increased tracer accumulation involving the lateral end of the left clavicle. This is most likely degenerative in nature. Another PSA reading was taken. ...

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June Regained Her Health

After 8 Days on e-Therapy

June (not real name) was 42-years old when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in December 2006. A TAHBO surgery was performed. The histopathology report confirmed a bilateral ovarian adenocarcinoma with metastasis to the omentum.

June underwent 6 cycles of chemotherapy and at the same time was started on CA Care herbs. Unlike others, she did not suffer from the side effects of chemo. Unfortunately in December 2008, a scan showed tumour recurrence, with a 2.6 x ...

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Herbs are Effective for Colon Cancer


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Take Herbs While on Chemotherapy


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Herbs are good for liver cirrhosis


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CA Care Therapy for Metastatic Colon-Liver Cancer


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CA Care Therapy for Colon Cancer



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Herbs Helped Cancer Patients


Presentation at Singapore General Hospital, June 1999



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Menstrual Pain and Bleeding Gone After Herbs


MM is a 45-year-old housewife. She came to seek our help on 25 January 2013 regarding her recurrent menstrual pain and bleeding. In fact a week earlier she had been hospitalized for this problem.  Listen to her story.

  • Since 14 years old, MM suffered menstrual pain with blood clot. In our Oriental culture, problem like this is not something that family members would talk about! Furthermore, pain during menses is considered ...
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    My 6.9 cm Ovarian Cyst Disappeared !



    Chris (C):  When did you have the cyst?

    Anita (A):  It was in July, 2003.

    C: There’s a cyst in the left ovary?

    A: Yes, left ovary. It was 6.9 cm. The doctor asked me to go for an operation. But I said no.  I came here and took the herbs and it went down to 3.7 cm. That was three months later.

    C: How did you know it went down to 3.7 cm?

    A: I went to ...

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    Ovarian Cysts, Caesarean Birth, Cysts Disappeared!



    Nur is a 25-year-old Indonesian lady. She often suffered severe pains during her menses. She would break into cold sweat and sometime fainted due to the intense pains. An ultrasound indicated presence of cysts in both her ovaries. The one in the left was about 7.5 cm. The doctor also suspected endometriosis. As a result Nur was asked to undergo surgery. Without surgery, she was told that she would not ...

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    Ovarian Cysts Unable to Conceive



    This is the medical report written by a doctor of Chu Clinic for Women.

    Date: 5 November 2007

    This 31 years nullipara, married December 2006, was seen on 26 August 2007 for being unable to conceive.

    She is clinically well. Menstrual cycles are regular and not painful. A pelvic scan showed a normal sized uterus with bilateral ovarian cyst. The left cyst was clear and measured 39 x 27 mm. The right cyst ...

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    Endometriotic Cyst Disappeared


    Choo/b750 is a 35-year-old lady. She suffered from endometriosis. On 15 October 2001, Choo underwent an operation to remove the cyst in her right ovary. According to the gynaecologist, the cyst was then adherent to the uterus and the right broad liagament. The rectum was also densely adherent to the uterus.

    After the surgery, Choo was put on Dimetriose and Norethisterone for six months. Her menses stopped for about nine months, only to commence in June 2002. Her periods subsequently became rather heavy with some ...

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    No Periods For Thirteen Years!


    Vani/G58, is a 40-year-old lady who had a unique problem. At the age of 12, she had her periods only twice; then her periods became irregular. At the age of 28, her periods stopped totally until to the day when she came to see us.

    Vani is married since the past 7 years and is without any child. In 1955, the doctor indicated that she suffered from polycystic ovarian syndrome. She was put on hormone therapy to induce her menses. Initially ...

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