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Kidney Mass Miraculously Disappeared After Herbs

Sam (not real name) is a 74-year old male from Singapore. He had undergone an operation to remove a 8 x 4 cm tumor at his colon in October 2005. The pathology report indicated a “moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma infiltrating into the subserosal fat with no lymph node metastasis”. The resection margins were free of the tumor. Nothing eventful happened after the surgery and Sam recovered well. A follow up surveillance check with a CT scan on 21 February 2006, indicated ...

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Leukemia – A Miraculous Healing

Pak Jam, from Aceh, Indonesia came to Penang on 7 December 2009. His wife Nur was diagnosed with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia) in July 2009. After the herbs she is now recovering very well.

Four months ago, Nur was hospitalized for fifteen days and received five cycles of chemotherapy at a private hospital in Penang. Her condition did not improve but instead became worse. In spite of the medication, even her coughs could not be cured during those fifteen days. The ...

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Healing Liver Problem


This case study is presented in a different style, unlike our usual format.

Kelantan is situated in the east coast of northern Peninsular Malaysia. I know this place as a poor and backward state. But this is where I was born and brought up.  Though the people there speak Malay, the Kelantanese lingo is often not understood by people of other states in Malaysia. And the Kelantanese are proud of their lingo. This lingo ...

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Liver-Bile Duct Cancer

Herbs Kept Him In Excellent Health

The son of Henry (not real name) came from Jakarta, Indonesia. He told us an interesting story about his father. His father is 70 years old. He was diagnosed with bile duct cancer that had spread to his liver.



He declined further medical treatment and immediately took our herbs – Capsule A and B, Liver 1 and 2 ...

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Liver Cancer: Severe Itch Gone


Bob was a 57-year-old male. In early 2010 he went to a government hospital complaining of shortness of breath. Examination indicated irregular hard swelling below the costal margin (liver area). He was jaundiced. A CT scan on 19 April 2010 indicated multiple nodules of varying sizes in both lung fields suggestive of metastases. Soft tissue nodules at the hilum – right measures 1.4 x 1.4 cm, left measures 2.3 x 2.7 cm. Enlarged liver with a 9.9 x 10.5 cm ...

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Liver Cancer: She Lives More Than Five Years!

Only On Herbs No Medical Treatment

Seam (B984) a 49-year old female, was diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma in August 2003. CT abdomen on 26 Aug 2003 indicated:

1. 8.7 x 6.6 x 10 cm mass in Segment 6 & 7 of liver
2. Caudate lobe ruptured
3. Peritoneal nodules
4. Portal vein thrombosis
5. Splenomegaly (swelling of the spleen)
6. And probably splenic metastases. 



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Liver Cancer: No Medical Treatment


Mac (K151) was a 69 year-old male. His problem started when he began to loose weight. An ultrasound done on 25 November 2002 indicated a 7.5 x 6.9 cm mass in segment 7 of the right lobe of his liver. A FNAC biopsy done on 19 December 2002 confirmed diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma.




The ...

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Liver Cancer – He Refused Chemotherapy


Gan was a 62- year old man. Sometime in July 2000, he had fevers with vomiting and diarrhoea for about two weeks. He was admitted to a private hospital. A CT scan done on 1 August 2000 showeda 9 x 10.5 x 9 cm mass in segment 4 and 8 of the liver. The mass was seen to extend towards the porta hepatis.


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Colon-Liver: Fourteen Years On The Herbs

Koh/342, was 75-year-old when she was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1997. She underwent an operation. An ultrasound done on 15 July 1997 indicated ill defined masses in the right lobe of the liver. The left lobe appear spared but slight dilatation of the ducts are seen. Conclusion: liver metastasis.

Due to her age, she did not undergo any further medical treatment. Her daughter came to seek our help on 25 July 1997. Koh was started on Capsule A ...

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Colon-Liver: Story of Tony


Tony was a 67-year-old male. He was diagnosed with colon cancer sometime in late December 1995. An operation was done to remove the cancer. Unfortunately the cancer had spread to the liver as well. In view of the extensive metastasis, Tony’s doctor concluded that chemotherapy or radiotherapy would be of limited benefit. His prognosis was extremely poor. The doctors then told Tony’s daughter: “Bring him home, organize a party for him and tell him that he had cancer. Let him ...

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Colon-Liver: Story of Goh

Goh,73 year-old male, was diagnosed with colon cancer. He opted for alternative healing instead of an operation. With the help of his son, he changed to a totally raw, vegetarian diet. After two months, the tumours in the colon mysteriously disappeared. The doctor took numerous X-rays on him and was baffled as to what had happened. Believing that he was cured, Goh went back to his old ways and diet! Within two months, the cancer came back. This time he ...

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The Story of My Buddy: Colon-Liver Cancer


Hanafi and I come from the same state of Kelantan. In short, we are Kelantanese. Never mind that he is a Malay and I, a Chinese; he a Muslim and I, a Christian. As Kelantanese we share a strong bond of friendship and trust.  But these are not all. We were classmates while studying at theCollege of Agriculture (Malaya) in the 1960s. And being Serdangites we share another common bond of comradeship. After we graduated ...

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Doctor’s Prognosis of Doom

Herbs Made Him Live


Eddy from Indonesia came to our centre on 18 June 2007. He brought his father-in-law who suffered from lymphoma to see us. This was Eddy’s second visit here. His first visit was on 22 April 2005 when he came with a colleague to seek our help regarding his colleague’s father, Sugi, who had lung cancer.

During this June 2007 visit, I enquired from Eddy about Sugi’s health – is he still alive? The answer was: Sure, he is doing well I was ...

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Lung Cancer: Written Off Case

Survived Three And A Half Years With Herbs


Kok, 64-year-old retired accountant, was a heavy smoker. He started smoking since young. His father was a cigarette manufacturer. Sometime in June 2004, he started to cough, had chest pains and shortness of breath. His weight decreased from 53.5 kg to 48.9 kg. The doctor in the government hospital suspected he had tuberculosis (TB) and Kok was referred to the Respiratory Institute. Upon ...

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No Medical Treatment Indicated Went On Herbs


K118, was a 75-year-old lady. She suffered from chronic asthma besides high blood pressure. On 28 January 2003, A CT scan indicated a well-defined enhancing lesion in the anterior mediastinum to the left of the ascending aorta. It measures 2.5 cm in diameter. Moderate right-sided pleural effusion with passive collapse of the left lower lobe.


A tru-cut biopsy indicated adenocarcinoma of the lung. At her age, chemotherapy or radiotherapy was not indicated. Her son came ...

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Herbs For Stage 3 Lung Cancer


Tan /b979, was a 72 year-old male who had been smoking for the last fifty-plus years. Sometime in December 2003, he expelled out sticky, blood-stained phlegm. A bronchoscopy indicated lung cancer, stage 3B. There was a 15 x 24 mm nodule in the right hilum. It was situated less than 2 cm from the carina.  

The doctor told him that it would be good enough if he could live for six months. Another doctor told him that he could last for only a ...

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Terminal Lung Cancer

JW Reclaimed His Health Through CA Care Therapy


JW Barham was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer that has spread to the adrenals in June 2008. He was asked to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy. With the treatment he would have 12 months to live but without treatment it would be 6 months. JW refused further medical treatment and opted for CA Care Therapy.

After six months, JW found himself six feet ...

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Lymphoma Recurred

Two Years After Intensive Chemo. Took Herbs and Remained Well for Seven Years Now


Siew (A948) was 20 years old when he suffered high fevers on and off in 1996. There was also a lump on the left side of his neck. He consulted a Chinese sinseh who told him that this was due to heatiness. Since the problem persisted,

The treatment consisted of the following:

Induction Phase
1. Vincristine on days 1, ...

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NHL-Kidney: Cancer-free

After Six Months on the Herbs

Peter shared his story with us in July 2000.

The kidney specialist told me I had to go for a kidney biopsy. First, they did an ultrasound on me. The doctor told me: Mr. Tham, I’m sorry to say that the report has come back, and you are in the third stage of cancer. You have a cancer in both kidneys. I was shocked. I ...

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Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL)


Devi (not real name) was diagnosed with NHL in June 1997. She underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy and suffered severe side effects. Unfortunately a year later, the cancer relapsed. Devi turned to herbs and her life was restored to normalcy. As of this writing Devi is doing very well.

Part 1: Devi on herbs

Part 2: Devi on chemotherapy

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