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Reflection and Confession of a Husband


When a lawyer makes a mistake, he loses his case in court; When an engineer makes a mistake, the building collapses; But when a doctor makes a mistake, it gets buried in his patient’s grave  ~ A Cancer Patient

Acknowledgment:  We thank the patient and her family for sharing this bitter-sweet story with us. Permission to use these video clips without having to cover their faces is granted by the patient’s husband.

While Suri was undergoing the e-Therapy at our centre in Penang, we ...

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A Week of Amazing Healing


Suri started the e-Therapy at our centre from Sunday 28 August 2011 – everyday (inclusive of the Raya Hari and Independence Day holidays.) The only thing I can say is, It is most rewarding to see how she benefited from what we do here. It is fun to joke with her and see her infectious smile! An inspiring experience indeed!

Happy Hour at CA Care

When she is not in pain, she ...

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More than two years on herbs and no chemo!


NH (H-176) is a 82-year-old lady. Sometime in April 2009, she had coughs with white phlegm. She was given cough mixture to take. The problem was not resolved. On 19 October 2009 she went to a private hospital for further management. A CT scan indicated:

  • A lesion measuring 1.5 x 2.7 cm at the apical segment of the right lower lobe of her lung.
  • A solitary enlarged lymph node in the middle mediastinum measuring 1 x 1.3 cm.
  • Minimal bilateral pleural effusion.
  • Three low-attenuation ...
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Mom With Lung Cancer

Surprise! Surprise! Four Years on Herbs and Still Doing Well!


SC (H222) was 68 years old when her problem started. She is a non-smoker. She started to have coughs for the past six months. There were no other symptoms apart from pains at the right shoulder blade.  A CT scan on 4 September 2008 showed a  3.0 x 4.75 x 3.0 cm opacity in right middle lobe of her lungs, suggestive of a neoplastic mass. Bronchial brushings showed moderately large neoplastic ...

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Cancer of the Endometrium Stage 3B

No Chemo, No Radiation – Only On Herbs


GS (T791) is a 54 year-old lady.  A cervical biopsy and endometrial curetting indicated a moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma of the endometirum. Subsequently, GS underwent a surgery – TAHBSO (total abdominal hysterectomy-bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy) at a private hospital. The pathology report confirmed a well differentiated adenocarcinoma of the endometrium, classical endometrioid type, Stage 3B (T2bNxMx), tumour invades into cervical stroma. Associated lesion: leiomyoma uteri.

After the ...

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Cancer of the Endometrium

No chemo you live only three months, with chemo two and a half years! With herbs she is still having fun after more than THREE years


Spring cleaning is a great Chinese tradition. I now understand its benefit.  I got caught up with this tradition in a half-hearted way on 18 January 2012 – just four days before the Year of the Dragon (2012) sets in.   Actually I was not “spring cleaning” at all. I just spent one morning clearing some ...

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Took Herbs and Changed Her Diet

Her sister died after medical treatment


Chau (not real name) is a 43-year old female from Johor. She had a lump in her right breast. A biopsy indicated cancer and subsequently she underwent a mastectomy. Chau was indeed in a dilemma when she came to see us. Her 47-year-old sister also had breast cancer. She underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and within a year was dead. Chau was under intense pressure ...

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From Despair to Hope in Five Days

1: Healing In Five Days

2: Her Tragic Story

Acknowledgment: Permission to use these video clips without having to close the patient’s face is granted by the family.


The gist of our conversation:

1.  Breast lump, ten years ago and she did nothing about it.

She discovered a lump in her breast more than   ten years ago but did nothing about it. The lump grew bigger. ...

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Ten Years Plus On CA Care Therapy


Lian was 57 years old when she came and see us. Sometime in 1996, she underwent a hysterectomy. She was put on hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Three years later, she suffered left breast cancer. She underwent a mastectomy in July 1999. It was a medullary carcinoma with no metastasis. She was asked to undergo chemotherapy but declined. She took tamoxifen.

Lian came to see us in November ...

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Hopeless Case Restored to Normalcy

This is a fax we received from Hong Kong in August 2002.

Dear Dr. Teo,

I am 44 years old. I suffered from cancer of the breast – infiltrating ductal carcinoma  in August 1993. Total right mastectomy was performed, secondary to the bones was detected at the same time. Twelve chemo-injections were given over a period of six months. At the same time, radiotherapy was given to the spine and ribs. Two doses of strontium were given after the course of chemotherapy. Tamoxifen and orimetene ...

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Breast Cancer: Medically “Cured” By Herbs

But What Could Have Happened If She Continued With Chemotherapy?


NAM (T225) was 49 years old when she discovered a lump in her left breast. A tru-cut biopsy in April 2005 indicated invasive ductal carcinoma, Grade 2. She subsequently underwent a surgery at a government hospital. The HPE confirmed infiltrating ductal carcinoma. One of the axillary lymph node was positive for cancer.

On 25 May 2005, NAM underwent one cycle of chemotherapy using FEC (5-FU, Epirubicin and Cyclophosphamide).  She suffered total hair ...

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Bone Cancer: Six Months to Live

Yet Ten Years Have Passed He is Still Fine

Raju (not real name), a male of 66 years, suffered from cancer of an undetermined origin. The cancer had spread to his backbone. His spine, T8, was eroded. His case was referred to two specialists overseas but no one was able to determine where the origin was. Raju had undergone chemotherapy but he gave that up after one cycle. He had six radiation treatments after which he remained confined to the deck ...

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Brain Cancer: She Was in a Coma


Daisy (not real name), then a 21-year-old female, presented with vomiting and headaches. A CTscan indicated obstructive hydrocephalus. Her condition returned to normalcy after the installation of V-P shunts. Barely one and a half years later Daisy suffered a relapse. Subsequent imaging indicated tumors in the brain and this was diagnosed as pineoblastoma. Daisy was in a coma and had to be warded in the intensive care unit of the hospital. Medically she was written off. Doctors told her parents to ...

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Two-Month Old Baby with Neuroblastoma

Stage IV – Three to Six Months to Live


Baby is a 2-month-old female. Sometime in May 1999, the doctor felt swelling in her abdomen. She was however, not in pain or showed any symptoms. On 27 May 1999, an ultrasound was done and the radiologist report was as follows:

There are multiple hypodense lesions in both lobes of the liver of varying sizes. The liver is enlarged.

Conclusion: This features are suggestive of multiple metastasis. Patient would need further CT abdomen or ...

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Cervical Cancer: You Can Give Me Anything

Except Chemo or Radiotherapy


Yin was diagnosed with cancer of the cervix in 1999. This was followed by an operation. Since everything was clean, no further treatment was indicated. Barely four years later, in August 2003,Yin suffered severe pains in her backbone. A bone scan indicated metastasis, involving the left scapula and T10 vertebra. An MRI of the spine indicated compression fracture of T8 and T9 and mild bulges of L3/4, ...

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After Two Surgeries and Chemotherapy

He Turned to Herbs and Live


Dass is a 46-year old male. He had problems of irregular bowel movements. Sometimes he had to empty his bowels twice a day, sometimes once every two to three days. The stools were often hard and caused pains. Eventually, he lost his appetite. The food seemed unable to go down the stomach, and even eating a bit of food made him feel full.

Dass had dragged ...

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A Healing Story from France

In June 2007 we received an email from Fil (not real name) from France. He wrote to seek help for his 77-year-old father, Jak (note real name) who had been diagnosed with colon cancer. Five years before his cancer diagnosis the doctor had told Jak that something was not right with his brain. He very often suffered vertigo.

Jak’s problem started with severe bleeding while in the toilet. ...

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Vegetable-State Terminal Cancer

Brought Back to Life with Herbs


Poh is a 54-year old female. She had a 14 cm tumour in her distal sigmoid colon. She underwent surgery. The cancer was staged as Duke’s C. About two weeks after surgery, Poh underwent twenty-five times of radiation treatment and at the same time took the oral chemo-drug, Xeloda. Within a week after being on Xeloda, Poh became uncomfortable, her heart beat rapidly and she had difficulty breathing. The doctor stopped her Xeloda and replaced ...

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An Unbelievable Story

Remove Your Kidney Immediately or Else You Die!

Moi, a 50-year-old female, had problems with her “gassy” stomach.

  1. In October 2002, Moi went to a private Hospital A for a checkup. No problem was detected.
  2. In March 2003, Moi went to another private Hospital B for endoscopy, ultrasound, CT scan and blood test. The results:
  • CT scan on 5 March 2003, showed a 3.3 cm well-defined simple cyst in Segment 1 of her liver. In the upper pole of her right kidney ...
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Kidney Cancer: A Success Story

Fifteen years on herbs and doing great!


Lee, male, was 53 years old when he was diagnosed with cancer of the kidney in March 1997. A CTscan showed a well defined solid mass in the right kidney. This could be an adenoma or a low grade carcinoma. Lee underwent an immediate surgery to remove his right kidney. The pathology report dated 14 March 1997 stated: Specimen of kidney: 225 gm, measuring about 11 cm x 5 cm x 4 ...

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