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Are Herbs Safe for Patients?


One patient with lymphoma wrote:

Jun 4, 2013
Dear Dr. Chris,
I feel better after taking your ovarium herbal, the bleeding has reduced significantly. Thank you! However, I want to ask, is there any side effect on my kidney by drinking the herbal, maybe the residual of herbal? Thank you.
Reply: Aya, why ask such question. You don’t die drinking my herbs. I have patients taking them for 16 years and they never ask such question.

Jun 4, 2013
He he, it’s ...

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Our Herbal Teas For Your Problems


Most cancer patients who came to us are medically written-off cases. They have exhausted all avenues of modern medical treatments. So, in addition to detoxifying the body, we have to alleviate many other discomforts like pain, severe weakness, severe coughs with excessive phlegm or breathlessness, constipation (often, morphine-induced), ascites, distended abdomen, edema, etc. We have formulated herbal teas to provide relief and healing of such problems.



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Herbal Treatment – A Botanist’s Perspective

Talk at the SGH Scientific Meeting



15 April 2000

Singapore General Hospital Postgraduate Medical Institute


 Complementary Therapy: Herbal Treatment – A Botanist’s Perspective

Chris K H Teo, Ph.D.


 Discovery consists of seeing What everybody else has seen And thinking what

Nobody else has thought ~ Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

I am glad that I have been given this privilege and honour to present my talk this afternoon. Allow me ...

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How to Prepare Your Herbal Tea

Instructions and tips on how to prepare and take the herbal teas:

Tips for preparation:

1.        You will need a cooking pot (glass, clay or stainless steel) for preparation of tea. Choose one that is big enough to prevent boiling over.

2.        To save time spent in kitchen preparing the teas, you may boil more than one herbal tea at the same time. In this case you will need two or more pots and stoves. All teas must be boiled separately, strained and kept in ...

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