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Pharma corruption of medical science

by Beatrice Golomb


Beatrice Golomb is Associate Professor of Medicine at UC San Diego, best known for her work on Gulf War Illness (she has testified before Congress, her RAND reports have changed US policy, and she served as Scientific Director and Chief Scientist for the Department of Veterans Affairs Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans Illnesses). She also heads the UC San Diego Statin Study group.

Beatrice Golomb highlights pharma corruption at the science network. She presents data from ...

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Corruption in the Pharmaceutical Companies

by Dr. J R Virapen


Dr John Rengen Virapen is a former scientist who after 35 years of work in the pharmaceutical industry (Eli Lilly) has left it to warn the public of the nefarious dealings and motives of the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr John Rengen Virapen, Whistleblower of the Psychopathic Pharmaceutical Industry, Speaks Out

Bribery in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Ex-Lilly executive John Rengen wrote a book on bribery in the pharmaceutical industry

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Confession of an RX Drug Pusher


She is the author of Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher. She spent more than a decade as a sales rep in the pharmaceutical industry working for health care giants such as Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Abbott Laboratories. She is a writer, speaker, and mental health activist who lives outside Austin, Texas. This will shock you, disgust you, and hopefully move you to take your health in to your hands as well.

Gwen Olsen Speaks Out

She related her ...

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There is No Medical Cure for Cancer


  • In the past 30 years, the U.S. has poured $30 billion into finding a cure for cancer.
  • 30 years, $30 billion and no cure.
  • Mounting numbers of people are contracting cancer; particu­larly breast cancer.
  • What’s wrong with this picture?

Reference: Alle Hall, The Stranger, May 1996. nocure.htm 

Nobel Laureates and High-powered Research

At a dinner talk in New York on 29 Sept. 2002, Dr. Rath said: When you open the newspaper, Time Magazine or Newsweek, USA Today, you may read this advertisements: We are ...

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Cancer Is A Multi-billion Dollar Business



Chemotherapy and radiotherapy cause side effects. They may even cause new cancers, new diseases. So you need more drugs.

Selling drugs for the treatment of side effects of chemotherapy is big business for the drug companies.

What interest does the pharmaceutical industry have to stop cancer if they have revenues of one hundred billion dollars in the US alone every year from keeping cancer ongoing?

The only reason why cancer is still a death ...

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Corruption In Cancer Research


A study to be published June 15th 2009 in the journal Cancer  has highlighted what is essentially corruption in the science of cancer research. It’s called “conflict of interest“: but you and I would call it corruption, bribery or malicious threats. Not nice words for a not nice phenomenon, which I’ve known about for years.

What it amounts to is that cancer researchers are likely to “find” (or invent) favorable outcomes for research which is paid for by the major drug ...

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Politics of Cancer


Strong Arm Tactic

Dr. Alan Levin, Professor of Immunology at the University of California, said:

  • Physicians are intimidated into using regimens which they know do not work. 
  • One of the most glaring examples is chemotherapy which does not work for the majority of cancers. 
  • Physicians are coerced into using it by special interest groups which have vested interests in the profits of the drug industry.

Reference:  Richard Walters, Options: the alternative cancer therapy book.

More Sickness More Money 

American medical system is profit-orientated, ...

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