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Ben Died: My First Lesson from Heaven


The first patient who took our herbs was Ben. He had colon cancer that had spread extensively to his liver. This happened way back in July 1995. Ben wrote, “There would be no medicine for me. I was advised to prepare my will as soon as possible. I was stunned for a moment. My wife, Cindy and I broke down. I thought I am going to die.“

Ben underwent palliative chemotherapy and at the ...

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When Death Is Not A Failure

On the night of 9 February 2012, we received this e-mail.

Dear Dr. Chris and Aunty Beng Im,

I want to inform you that my father, Mr. LS from Indonesia, had died on Thursday, 16 February 2012. I want to thank you for all your treatment to my father during his sickness. Until his last days, he still took your herbs and did the e-therapy. I believe that your herbs and the therapy do bring goodness to him. He died without suffering ...

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Death – The Ultimate Healing


Over the past weeks many things happened that prompted me to write this article about Death. To many people, especially those with loved ones who have cancer, to read or talk about death is probably the last thing that they ever want to do. The subject about death is a taboo – they want to only hear how to cure their incurable cancer.

• A father wanted us to help his 3-year-old son who had neuroblastoma, Stage 3. After surgery the ...

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Breast Cancer: Finally Death is Her Healing


The file of KT (S346) was on my table. She was a 42-year-old Indonesia lady who had been battling with her breast cancer for about 12 years. I was taking my time wanting to write her story. But today, 29 May 2013, I received this e-mail from her husband.

Dear Madame Beng Im ,  Dr. Chris Teo,
Dengan sedih dan menyesal kami informasikan bahwa  KT sudah meninggal dunia Selasa 21May at 02.55 a.m. (early morning). Dan sudah dimakamkan Kamis 23May, at ...

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