CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth


The Promise and Perils of Clinical Trials by Alex O’Meara, a freelance journalist.

Review by: Yeong Sek Yee & Khadijah Shaari

chasing medical miracles

Alex O’Meara researched and wrote this book after he participated in a risky and ground breaking type-1 diabetes clinical trial. In this book, Alex reveals what every health-conscious person needs to know about how drugs, devices and procedures are tested and approved.

In this segment, we detail how Alex was involved ...

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What It Takes to Be a Winner


In my book, Prostate Cancer Healed Naturally, I wrote, “To me, cancer is not just about a tumour in your breast, lung or liver. It is about you, as a human being. There is this quotation, There is no incurable disease, only incurable people. Therefore, my lengthy interview with patients enable me to assess each patient as a whole and “predict” the probable outcome – whether we would be able to repeat the healings that we experience in CA Care. Unfortunately, ...

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Reflection and Confession of a Husband


When a lawyer makes a mistake, he loses his case in court; When an engineer makes a mistake, the building collapses; But when a doctor makes a mistake, it gets buried in his patient’s grave  ~ A Cancer Patient

Acknowledgment:  We thank the patient and her family for sharing this bitter-sweet story with us. Permission to use these video clips without having to cover their faces is granted by the patient’s husband.

While Suri was undergoing the e-Therapy at our centre in Penang, we ...

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A Week of Amazing Healing


Suri started the e-Therapy at our centre from Sunday 28 August 2011 – everyday (inclusive of the Raya Hari and Independence Day holidays.) The only thing I can say is, It is most rewarding to see how she benefited from what we do here. It is fun to joke with her and see her infectious smile! An inspiring experience indeed!

Happy Hour at CA Care

When she is not in pain, she ...

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Iressa, Tarceva, Chemo and Sutent Did Not Cure Her


Suri (M971) is a 61 year old female from Indonesia. Her family came to seek our help on 8 May 2011. She was wheeled into out centre being unable to walk on her own. She was unable to talk, showed no facial expression and did not seem to know what was going. According to her husband, she behaved like a child. Listen to her husband telling us his wife’s story of tragedy.

Life on earth is a living experience. Let the death of Yee be a valuable lesson for many others who come after her.

Yee was 40 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2005. She underwent a mastectomy. It was a Stage 2 disease with no lymph node involvement. The tumour was 3 x 2 x 2 cm in size.

After surgery, Yee received ...

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Fransiska Died

After Surgery, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Herceptin, Tamoxifen, Xeloda and Tykerb


(Life on earth is a living experience. Let the death of Fransiska be a lesson for many of those who come after her).

Fransiska, from Jakarta, was thirty-two years old when she found a 1.6 cm lump in her left breast which was diagnosed as cancer. At about the same time, her father had died of cancer. In November 2004, she underwent a lumpectomy in a Singapore hospital. Unfortunately some lymph nodes in her arm pit ...

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Chemo, Chemo, Chemo

and She Died Within Two Years. Her death cost S$200,000!


Tin (M597) was 38 years old in 2007 when she found lumps in her breasts during a regular medical check up. A CT scan done on 21 May 2007 indicated: no lung nodules or abnormal masses or enlarged lymph nodes. In the left axilla are slightly prominent lymph nodes – these are under 1 cm in size. There are no liver lesions seen.

Tin underwent a left mastectomy on 1 June 2007.  The histology report ...

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Better to Die Than to Suffer



May (not real name) was a 55-year-old lady. Her husband had died of a heart attack three years before, at the age of 62. May was diagnosed with right breast cancer in 2000. She underwent a mastectomy followed by six cycles of chemotherapy. After that she was put on tamoxifen.  Three years later, the ...

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Took Herbs and Changed Her Diet

Her sister died after medical treatment


Chau (not real name) is a 43-year old female from Johor. She had a lump in her right breast. A biopsy indicated cancer and subsequently she underwent a mastectomy. Chau was indeed in a dilemma when she came to see us. Her 47-year-old sister also had breast cancer. She underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and within a year was dead. Chau was under intense pressure ...

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From Despair to Hope in Five Days

1: Healing In Five Days

2: Her Tragic Story

Acknowledgment: Permission to use these video clips without having to close the patient’s face is granted by the family.


The gist of our conversation:

1.  Breast lump, ten years ago and she did nothing about it.

She discovered a lump in her breast more than   ten years ago but did nothing about it. The lump grew bigger. ...

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Ten Years Plus On CA Care Therapy


Lian was 57 years old when she came and see us. Sometime in 1996, she underwent a hysterectomy. She was put on hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Three years later, she suffered left breast cancer. She underwent a mastectomy in July 1999. It was a medullary carcinoma with no metastasis. She was asked to undergo chemotherapy but declined. She took tamoxifen.

Lian came to see us in November ...

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Hopeless Case Restored to Normalcy

This is a fax we received from Hong Kong in August 2002.

Dear Dr. Teo,

I am 44 years old. I suffered from cancer of the breast – infiltrating ductal carcinoma  in August 1993. Total right mastectomy was performed, secondary to the bones was detected at the same time. Twelve chemo-injections were given over a period of six months. At the same time, radiotherapy was given to the spine and ribs. Two doses of strontium were given after the course of chemotherapy. Tamoxifen and orimetene ...

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