CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

Treatment Based on Bad Science

Or Where Is The Science?




Patients know nothing about chemo-drugs.

But some oncologists asked patients to choose their own bullets or drugs to use.

Their choice is made based on affordability and convenience.

Their idea… is to see whether two doses of this poison is better than three doses of that poison ~ Glen Warner, oncologist. 

State-of-the-art chemotherapy … was nothing more than different combinations of the same toxic drugs given in different schedules … It continues to kill more people every year, often a slow painful death … by toxic treatments ~ Candace Pert, Molecules of emotion. 

Treatment Cannot Kill All Cancer Cells

Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy all tend to fail for a very simple reason.

A tumour the size of a small grape has one billion malignant cells.

In science there is no such thing as a 100% success.

Even if a treatment gets 99.9% of them, a million cells remain to kill you.

These cells that remain alive are normally the stubborn type. When they re-grow and form tumours, they are not easy to kill anymore. 

Reference:  Business Week, 22 Sept. 1986

Chris K.H.Teo, Breast cancer – perspectives of medical science and holistic healing. 

Error, Oh Error … Error Everywhere?

Dr. Andrew Weil wrote: Doctors deal in drugs to treat diseases. The average patient in hospital … is placed on half a dozen drugs simultaneously. How some of these chemicals react with each other is anybody’s guess. Moreover … hospitals involve errors: the wrong drug, the wrong patients, the wrong dose and the wrong time. 

I find allopathic medicine glaringly deficient in theory and philosophy … they have no clear conception or theory of what disease is nor any general concept of treatment. 

Reference: Andrew Weil, Health and healing. 

What Potential Patients Say

The Malaysian Oncological Society conducted a survey among 1,200 women in the Klang Valley, Selangor, Malaysia. The study was conducted from August to September 2004.

The results ….

  • 80% think radiotherapy and chemotherapy are not effective and have many side effects.
  • 90% would consider alternative and/or complementary medicine for their cancer.

Reference: Sunday Star, 14 Nov. 2004 

Most Oncologists Would Not Undergo Chemotherapy If They Get Cancer

In 1986, McGill Cancer Centre scientists surveyed 118 oncologists who specialised in the treatment of lung cancer. They were asked:

If you had cancer, would you undergo chemotherapy?  75% said NO.

Why? (1) Chemotherapy is not effective.

(2) Its toxicity is not acceptable.

Other polls carried out in 1988 reported: Oncologists say they would not allow chemotherapy to be given either to themselves or to their families.

Reference: John Robbins, Reclaiming our health.

Compromised Immune System Can’t Fight Cancer Cells

Chemotherapy is not going to kill every cancer cell in your body.

Your body will have to kill the cancer cells that are left after chemotherapy is finished.

How can you possibly fight even a few cancer cells when your immune system has been destroyed?

Reference: Cynthia Foster, Stop the medicine.

Root Cause Not Removed Only Cosmetic Pruning!

Removing the product of disease, i.e., tumour, is not removing the cause of disease.

In 1893, J. Compton Burnett wrote:  My standpoint is that a tumour is the product of the organism, and to be really cured the power to produce the same must be eliminated; got rid of, cutting it off merely rids the organism of the product, leaving the producing power where it was before; often the operative interference acting like pruning a vine.

Reference: J. Compton Burnett, Curability of tumours by medicine. 

One Treatment Leads to Another!

Amy Cohen Soscia, a breast cancer patient, said: There is no cure for metastatic breast cancer. It never goes away. You just move from treatment to treatment.

Dr. Andrew Weil wrote: There is never ending struggle … Patients are sucked into same way of thinking…. Finding themselves more and more dependent on the system giving one treatment after another.

Professor Jane Plant wrote: This sounds like a battle between the disease and the treatments – with the patient as the battle ground … Conventional cancer treatment can PROCESS patients to the extent that they no longer understand what is really being done to them. 

Reference: Liz Kowalczyk, The Boston Globe, 7 February 2006.

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Medical treatment: Where does it lead to? When will it ever end?

In an internet article, Dr. Lai Gi-ming, Taiwan Cooperative Oncology Group, National Research Institute was quoted to have said: 

  • The thing that most frustrates modern doctors is that, after surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, all they can do is keep chasing and chasing the cancer!