CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

Took Herbs and Changed Her Diet

Her sister died after medical treatment


Chau (not real name) is a 43-year old female from Johor. She had a lump in her right breast. A biopsy indicated cancer and subsequently she underwent a mastectomy. Chau was indeed in a dilemma when she came to see us. Her 47-year-old sister also had breast cancer. She underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and within a year was dead. Chau was under intense pressure because her oncologist insisted that she undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy after her mastectomy. She and her brother came to seek our help in May 2004.

I remember saying this to Chau: Don’t worry. I do not think that you are going to die within a year like your sister. Of course, I cannot guarantee that because I am not God. But my experience with breast cancer showed me that even if you do NOTHING, you will not die of breast cancer within a year.

Chau was started on the herbs and was told in no uncertain terms that she must keep to the good diet. I also asked her to go for a blood test, as a baseline for monitoring her progress. Six months on the herbs Chau came back to see us again. I told her: if you live another 6 months, then it means that we are doing the right thing. Remember, your sister died about a year after chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Chau came to see us again in April 2005. It was almost a year after her initial visit. She was doing well but was very unsettled and concerned as her doctor was still insisting that she go for chemotherapy. I told her: It has to be your choice! Why do you need chemotherapy or radiotherapy? Your sister had chemotherapy and radiotherapy and she died. Remember what Einstein said: Insanity is to do things over and over again and expecting different results. If you do the same things as your sister did, you might end up with the same result – dead.

Pathology Report: 27 April 2004

Infiltrating ductal carcinoma of breast. Size: 1 cm in diameter. Histologically grade 2. Margins of excision are close to tumour. One of 10 axillary lymph node is positive for metastatatic deposits.

Blood Test Results

May 2004     Sept.05   Sept 06

ESR                     23 H            4            12

Haemoglobin     11.6           12.1         13.3

Platelet               240            199          228

WBC                    3.89            6.9          6.1

CEA                     1.0               0.6          0.5

CA15.3                4.4               4.9          5.4

As I am writing this article, Chau’s brother called – what a coincidence! He told me Chau is in perfect health. And this is January 2009, meaning Chau has been well (minus having to endure the agony of the intended toxic treatments) for almost 5 years now. There is every reason to believe and hope that she is going to be able to live for many more years to come.

Comment: We are grateful to God the Almighty that Chau is still alive and well. This is what all patients should feel – be grateful. Chau took a different healing path from her elder sister. However, it is most unfortunate that she had been put under a voodoo curse – without chemotherapy or radiotherapy she would not be cured.  There is no truth in such an assumption.