CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

The Spiritual Side of Healing Cancer


To us, we believe that patients’ recovery and survival are more than just medical or herbal success. It is God’s grace.

Science does not believe in the mind, hope, faith, spirit, and grace – for the basic reason that we are all supposed to be an equivalent to a super machine. What we cannot see, measure or analyze do not exist and do not count. Those who associate with them are thus branded unscientific or spiritual fanatics!

We wish to view healing from a different perspective.

  • Man comes into this world with a purpose. He is not just a machine but also a spiritual being. When we fall sick, often we yelled out GOD, WHY ME? It is as if God hates us or does not favour us. Some go to the extent and reasoned that we get sick because we are being punished. Not so.
  • In this world, each of us is given the liberty to choose – to exercise our rights to live life the way we want it. Some people live wisely while some others live foolishly. So, we reap what we sow – we are responsible for our actions.  Through our own ignorance, we violate Nature’s Law of Health – so we get sick, irrespective of whether how pious we are.
  • Ask a scientist, why is there such a thing as pain? Pain is not meant to torture us. Pain is nature’s early warning signal to the body that something is not right within it.  Unfortunately, many choose to ignore the signal by “cutting” off that warning signal. Instead of taking a pause and ask what has gone wrong, we prefer to take the easy way out – take pain killers. We cut off or deaden the alarm system. We allow things to continue to go to go wrong without us having to know about it as long as it does not bother us. Ultimately, too much painkillers may land you on your back in the hospital to nurse a more severe damage. Who is punishing who now – your own foolishness or someone else?
  • Illness too, can be viewed as a blessing – as a signal in our body for us to do some accounting and reflecting of what we are doing, who we are and where we are going.
  • Many people are too busy on their feet chasing after their gods. Perhaps being forced to sleep on our back and staring at the blank ceiling above can spur some ”consciousness” into us and bring us back to our Living Creator? After all, those material gods that we have been chasing after all this while cannot help much in terms of cancer cure.
  • There is a now a new and growing belief that every cell, tissue and organ in the body is conscious and has innate intelligence. They have the capacity to heal. Curing a disease, aiming only at the malfunctioned organ is inadequate and would not bring about healing.  To achieve complete healing we need to heal the whole body – the physical at all levels, the mind and the spirit or soul.
  • If we cannot heal the mind then we cannot heal the body. It is for this reason that we spend time with you asking you to let go of your bottled-up emotional stress such as anger, hatred, fear, etc. When the mind and the soul find peace within, the physical healing starts within you. Taking herbs is NO magic unto itself – it cannot heal any one until you have that frame of mind that wants to heal.
  • One lady came to see us and said because of chronic diarrhea she had for the last twenty years. And for the last twenty years she had been on antibiotics and all kinds of drugs. Nothing cured her. The moment she stepped into the Cancer Center until she left, there was nothing that she could say but complaints. The fear of what the herbs can do, the antibiotics that she is taking, the side effects, the possible bitter taste of the herbs, the difficulty of cooking the herbs, etc., etc.  Chris told her this: Nobody on earth can cure your sickness. If your mind is already too loaded with such stressful burdens, there is no need to take any drugs or herbs. It is not going to work. Even herbs, assuming that they have ears to hear like human beings, would be just as bothered or reluctant to impart their healing properties to such difficult people. Too, bad – no cure. At CA Care Centre we tell all helpers – when we prepare the herbs, do it with a feeling of love. That feeling is an important “ingredient” for the healing of the sick.
  • If illness has a purpose then it means that you can hope to stimulate your body to heal itself after having found that purpose. Of course many people do not wish to believe this. And of course some people do not want to know or find that purpose. Ingrained in their mind is the feeling of anger, frustration, revenge, unhappiness, hatred etc. – why ME? I have been so good, etc., etc. why ME?
  • A lady with breast cancer came. She had her breast removed, did all the required radiation and chemotherapy. And she came through all these very well, unlike others who did not take the herbs. Chris told her that: you are indeed very fortunate. She turned around and asked:  What is so fortunate about it?  I already got cancer. Unfortunately, that is the position taken by most patients. Chris told her. Look at your arm they are not swollen. There were no adverse side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy on your body. This morning, I had two phone calls, informing me that two cancer patients had just died. One of them was a distant relative. She had breast cancer and after undergoing treatments like you the cancer spread to the bone and then the liver. I have also seen breast cancer patients whose arms were swollen like solid rock after such treatments. Are you not lucky that these do not happen to you?
  • Those who can “see and experience” changes in their minds and souls experience real healing. One yogi who had cancer wrote, There is pain but there is no suffering. Physically, patients may not be cured of their cancer, but spiritually healing can take place. When the mind is healed so will the physical body – so be patient for this takes time.
  • Having a purpose in life is important. It becomes more meaningful if we can share our tears –  and our joys –  with others. Unfortunately, in our society many people look inwards, and are reluctant to open up and share. When someone got cancer – he coils up inside himself, not wanting to share that burden with others. Some women even hide it from their husband – let alone their friends or relatives. Is it shameful to tell others that we got cancer? What is so special about that, since cancer is so common nowadays? There is nothing to lose but is everything to gain by sharing.
  • Unfortunately, some people would ask for help but would not give or wish to share their joys. When they got well from their cancer, they prefer not to talk about it – wanting to forget the trauma or ordeal that they have gone through. For some, perhaps refusing to share stems from the fear that misfortune or soi may befall on them again if they talk about their well being. One incident that we could not forget happened many years ago. There was this young lady who called to thank Chris for helping her mother who had terminal bone cancer and had died. The family was grateful because she died in peace with no pain. Then this lady told Chris she knew of one place where the rodent tuber was found growing naturally. Chris asked if she could show him the place, since we were always in need of these plants to help others as we had helped her mother. True to the nature of any busy executive, she said she could not spare the time to show Chris the place. It is more blessed to give than to receive. We wonder how many people do realize this or know this virtue. By giving your heart to others, you heal yourself.
  • If you find the above comments strange or if you disagree with what we say – we respect the right for you to have your own opinion. You are endowed with the power of choice and responsibility. Follow your heart and mind, and live accordingly. It is after all your life.