CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

The Great Spin About Chemo & Cancer Cure


Read the news report below and see if you understand what killed the patient. Singapore’s DBS CEO dies from cancer 

SINGAPORE, April 11 — Richard Stanley, the chief executive of Singapore’s DBS Group, died from an infection resulting from leukaemia this morning, the bank said, after his medical conditions deteriorated yesterday.

“After a brave fight Rich, passed on at about 8.45 this morning. His immediate family was by his side as he slipped away peacefully,” a DBS spokeswoman told Reuters.

DBS, which is 28 per cent owned by Singapore state investor Temasek Holdings, said yesterday that Stanley was in critical care due to an infection. 

Doctors had believed earlier this week his cancer was in remission after two rounds of chemotherapy. — Reuters


The facts of the matter are:

a)     He did not die because of the cancer. He died because of the chemotherapy used to kill his cancer.

b)     Chemotherapy kills cancer cells and it also kills the patient.

c)     According to the spin, he died of infection. Yes, of infection – that is true. But what caused the infection? Chemo drugs poisoned the immune system – he was stripped bare without or low immune system – surely he would get infection la. Simple logic – and you can’t see that?

d)     After 2 shots of chemo, the oncologist claimed cancer was in remission. That was aimed at generating false hope – an elusion. But why did he die if there was remission?

e)     Who ever want to admit defeat?  Remember the famous quotation: The operation is a success, but the patient died of complications! What the hack!

f)       One last question to ask: Is this the only or unique case – that patient died after chemo? No, it is more of a norm than an exception. Many if not most people who went through such treatment DIED. Not only one, many others met the same fate.

One doctor in Europe said:

Oncologist chemo, chemo, chemo …patients die, and die and die.