CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

Ten Years Plus On CA Care Therapy


Lian was 57 years old when she came and see us. Sometime in 1996, she underwent a hysterectomy. She was put on hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Three years later, she suffered left breast cancer. She underwent a mastectomy in July 1999. It was a medullary carcinoma with no metastasis. She was asked to undergo chemotherapy but declined. She took tamoxifen.

Lian came to see us in November 1999 and was started on the herbs. She then decided to stop taking tamoxifen. It has been 10 years since she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is doing well and has no problems whatsoever. She is very much alive!

Pathology Report: 27 July 1999: Left breast lump – 3 x 2 cm. Case of medullary carcinoma.

Blood Test Results

——————-Dec. 99    Aug. 03  July 06     Nov. 08

ESR                     12            16             19            25 H

Haemoglobin     13.3         14.5          14.0           13.8

Platelet               302         365           330            302

WBC                      4.8          5.3           5.5             5.9

CEA                       1.0          0.9           1.0             1.5

CA 15.3                 n/a          11.1         10.4           14.5


Lian is indeed a sweet and pleasant lady. She speaks softly and is totally ignorant of what she is up against, perhaps due to her lack of education. She is a person who follows and fears authority. As such she follows instructions well. She takes her prescribed herbs very religiously and also keeps to her diet.

Lian declined further medication after coming to see us. She did not want any chemotherapy or tamoxifen any more. We could still remember this frail looking lady who came to see us 10 years ago. We could not imagine how she could survive the chemotherapy if she were to undergo the treatment. The side effects of chemotherapy are not like ant bites as some were told.  Even without chemotherapy and tamoxifen, Lian does not suffer metastasis. Over the 10 years that she is on herbs, she has not encountered any discomfort or illness at all.

Although Lian is not an educated lady, she has the courage and the commitment to take a different path to healing. She is well rewarded for that adventure. Lian is not alone to try this adventure. There are many others like her. But we do not advise you to embark on a similar journey if you do not believe in what we do or have the commitment to help yourself. Success does not come easy, and there is no magic bullet for cancer.

In Lian’s case we can see the evil in HRT. She ended up with breast cancer. This is not an isolated case linking breast cancer and HRT. We have come across many cases such as this.