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Menstrual Pain and Bleeding Gone After Herbs


MM is a 45-year-old housewife. She came to seek our help on 25 January 2013 regarding her recurrent menstrual pain and bleeding. In fact a week earlier she had been hospitalized for this problem.  Listen to her story.

  • Since 14 years old, MM suffered menstrual pain with blood clot. In our Oriental culture, problem like this is not something that family members would talk about! Furthermore, pain during menses is considered ...
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    My 6.9 cm Ovarian Cyst Disappeared !



    Chris (C):  When did you have the cyst?

    Anita (A):  It was in July, 2003.

    C: There’s a cyst in the left ovary?

    A: Yes, left ovary. It was 6.9 cm. The doctor asked me to go for an operation. But I said no.  I came here and took the herbs and it went down to 3.7 cm. That was three months later.

    C: How did you know it went down to 3.7 cm?

    A: I went to ...

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    Ovarian Cysts, Caesarean Birth, Cysts Disappeared!



    Nur is a 25-year-old Indonesian lady. She often suffered severe pains during her menses. She would break into cold sweat and sometime fainted due to the intense pains. An ultrasound indicated presence of cysts in both her ovaries. The one in the left was about 7.5 cm. The doctor also suspected endometriosis. As a result Nur was asked to undergo surgery. Without surgery, she was told that she would not ...

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    Ovarian Cysts Unable to Conceive



    This is the medical report written by a doctor of Chu Clinic for Women.

    Date: 5 November 2007

    This 31 years nullipara, married December 2006, was seen on 26 August 2007 for being unable to conceive.

    She is clinically well. Menstrual cycles are regular and not painful. A pelvic scan showed a normal sized uterus with bilateral ovarian cyst. The left cyst was clear and measured 39 x 27 mm. The right cyst ...

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    Endometriotic Cyst Disappeared


    Choo/b750 is a 35-year-old lady. She suffered from endometriosis. On 15 October 2001, Choo underwent an operation to remove the cyst in her right ovary. According to the gynaecologist, the cyst was then adherent to the uterus and the right broad liagament. The rectum was also densely adherent to the uterus.

    After the surgery, Choo was put on Dimetriose and Norethisterone for six months. Her menses stopped for about nine months, only to commence in June 2002. Her periods subsequently became rather heavy with some ...

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