CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

PSA Down From 436 to 46.9


Paul (J112) was a 65 year-old male from Indonesia. He suffered from prostate cancer. His PSA test on 5 May 2000 was 436. After taking the herbs for four weeks (Cap. A, deTox Mountain Guava, Prostate A, Pain Tea and Stomach Function) we received two faxes on 22 June and 23 June 2000 with the following messages:

1.      Pain was gone after taking Pain Tea for two days.

2.      Feeling of fullness / bloatedness in the stomach disappeared after taking half a box of Stomach Function Tea.

3.      PSA test was down to 46.9 (take note: from the previous 436)

4.      Generally, his well being returned to normal.