CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

PSA at 674 Down to 2.6

After Four Months on Herbs and Goserelin Injection


LC/b516, is a 52-year old male. Sometime in December 2001, his urine flow became blocked. However, there was no pain or blood in the urine. By end of January 2002, the problem of urination blockage became more serious. The urine seemed to flow and stop, flow and stop. By mid-February 2002, LC suffered pains. He went to see a GP who prescribed antibiotics. There was no effect. A blood test later showed PSA=674.5. He was referred to the General Hospital where a biopsy was done on 11 March 2002. The biopsy indicated adenocarcinoma affecting both right and left prostate. Gleason score of 10 (5+5). After the biopsy, LC had an infection and was hospitalised for one week.

A medical report dated 1 April 2002 stated: The MRI findings are most compatible with carcinoma of the prostate gland with seminal vesicles involvement and extensive iliac and paraaortic lymphadenopathy.

On 7 April 2002. LC was given his first shot of Goserelin injection. On 12 April 2002, he came to see us and presented as follows:
• He had difficulties sitting down due to pains. He had to sit on an air-tube, which he carried along. The video clipping of his first visit showed he had difficulty even in walking.
• LC had to wake up at least four times each night to urinate.
He urine flow was a bit “blocked”.
He had pains in the joints.
LC told us that his doctor encouraged him to take herbs.

ONE WEEK on the herbs, LC reported the following:
• He had less pains.
• He could sleep better, more soundly.
• He had more energy or cheng sin.
• His urination was less frequent. From 4 times per night, it was reduced to twice per night.
• His urine flow had improved.
• There was less pains in the joints.

On 3 May 2002 his condition improved further:
• He had no more pains in the joints.
• He was more alert.
• Over all the pains were much less.
• There was no blockage of the urine flow.

On 28 June 2002 – it was with happiness that LC came to see us. His facial expression showed that he was well. The video clipping of this visit showed that he could walk without difficulty and he could even walk briskly. LC presented the following blood test results.

25 February 2002, his PAS = 674.5
Started injection 7 April 2002 and took herbs on 12 April 02.
15 May 2002, PSA = 109.6
28 May 2002, PSA = 10.1
14 June 2002, PSA = 2.6

LC had Goserelin injections as follows:

1. First injection on 7 April 2002.
2. Second injection on 5 May 2002.
3. Third injection on 23 May 2002.
4. Fourth injection on 23 June 2002.
5. Subsequent injections on 23rd of each month.

Part 1: Adenocarcinoma

Right and left prostatic biopsy. Prostate cancer with seminal vesicle and extensive lymph nodes involvement.

Part 2: His Then Current Health Problems

Part 3: Initial PSA = 674.5

Given Hormone (goserelin) injection. Took CA Care herbs at the same time.

Part 4: He is well

4 hormone injections plus 2 months herbs. PSA = 2.6 (normal).

Comments: LC’s improvement is beyond expectation and left us amazed. The PSA 2.6 means it has gone down to normal level. This is just simply wonderful – beyond belief.