CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

Prostate Cancer with Bloody Urine

Three Months on Herbs PSA Down to 0.5.

It was one afternoon when Chris received a call from Pete (not real name), a 65-year-old man who suffered from prostate cancer. The following are what we can gather from his doctor’s letter faxed to us:

PSA= 61.8.  An MRI scan indicated enlarged prostate with features of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). In addition there were features highly suspicious of neoplasm involving the whole of the right peripheral zone and also a suspicious focus within the left peripheral zone. There was some obliteration of both seminal vesicles. There was suspicious lesion within T 11. The overall appearance was consistent with metastatic prostatic carcinoma.

The doctor had explained to Pete and his wife that radical treatment is unfortunately no longer appropriate.

After two weeks on the herbs, we were told that Pete’s urine had no more blood.

On 12 June 2002, i.e., after three months on the herbs, we received a fax with the following message:

Yesterday, May 28, 2002 we received news that causes us to give much glory to God. The first PSA test taken three months after the initial hormone therapy has shown a dramatic fall. The January reading was 107… the senior and very experienced GP at my local practice had an expectation of a 50% reduction at the end of the three month period, i.e., 53.5. In actuality, my PSA has dropped to 0.5 (yes, zero point five). According to our GP and the consultant urologist that we met with yesterday afternoon this is exceptional and very much against the odds.

To put this into context … Our consultant who is 55 years plus stated yesterday that during his lifetime in practice he had never before witnessed such an aggressive PSA escalation that I experienced and at our last meeting was not at all optimistic of the cancer either being controlled or defeated.

He used words such as fantastic, excellent. This is as good as it gets and is both surprised and delighted at my present condition. We give God all the glory.


Pete’s ‘s doctor is right. It is amazing and in his years of being a doctor he had never seen such a great healing before! Yes, no wonder, Pete is the only patient from England who has access to our herbs!

Pete did not write to us about this healing. His faxed-letter was sent to all his friends proclaiming this great news. CA Care “happened” to receive a copy of it. It would be great (I think correct and helpful) if the GP was told that Pete was taking herbs as well. If the hormonal injection was expected to give only a 50% reduction in his PSA level (which at first, the doctor was not even optimistic in this case) then with the herbs and injections, the effects had shot beyond expectation. I think this fact need to be made known to the medical doctor concerned so that he knows what is going on. Don’t you think so? Is this not a way to help others after you are being helped? To tell the truth of what actually happened.

We don’t intend to claim credit for this healing. We believe that all healing come from God, the Almighty and we are grateful and joyful for Pete’s in this case.