CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

Prostate Cancer Gone After Nine Months on Herbs?


DC /A494, is a 67-year old male. He had difficulty urinating. On 7 November 1999, he went to a specialist hospital and was diagnosed as having prostate cancer (Gleason scale 2 + 2 =4). The PSA was 31.2.  The doctor suggested that he undergo an operation.  He refused. He was not given any medication.  A medical report dated 28 December 1999 stated: increased tracer accumulation involving the lateral end of the left clavicle. This is most likely degenerative in nature. Another PSA reading was taken. It was 20.1.

DC started to take herbs on 14 January 2000 – Capsule A, deTox tea and Prostate A.

29 January 2000 

He reported that he urinated more often after taking the herbs, otherwise he was alright.

23 March 2000 

DC was doing fine. He presented a bllod report dated 10 March 2000:  CEA = 2.3 PSA = 16.4. 

26 November 2000 

About 11 months after taking the herbs, DC and his son came and reported that he was doing very well.  He had been following strictly the good diet. His son added that his father had always been working very hard, having to manage a hardware shop. He then presented a report dated 11 November 2000, PSA = 0.3 (normal 0 to 4).

DC said his doctor told him that he is alright now, no more cancer! The doctor also asked him what he had been doing since he was not on any drugs nor did not undergo the suggested operation. He said, Take herbs. His doctor was skeptical  and further inquired if there were other things that he did. No, only herbs, nothing else,  was his answer. He said to us: Furthermore, why should I not tell the truth to the doctor? 

We cautioned DC that the battle is not over yet. He still has to keep to this new, healthy, lifestyle. Do not go back to your old ways, ever again.