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Cancer: What You Need to Know about . . .

Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Pharmaceutical Drugs and the Politics of Medicine

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The road to health is the road of knowledge, Ignoring knowledge is sickness.  ~ Chinese wisdom ~

My main concern and mission in writing this book is to impart knowledge. With knowledge, patients can be made aware of what is to be done to them. Hopefully, they would be able to make more correct and informed decisions after reading this book.

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Cancer: What You Need to Know about . . .

Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Pharmaceutical Drugs and the Politics of Medicine.

Excerpts from the book

Unfortunately, for various reasons, doctors cannot and do not spend too much time with their patients. One patient was sent for chemotherapy after seeing his oncologist for just half a minute, and even at subsequent visits that was about the amount of time allocated to him. Other fortunate patients have more time with their doctors, perhaps five, ten to fifteen minutes during each visit. There are many things that patients want to know but they do not ask for information for fear of offending their doctors. I hope this book will fulfill that need.

To start off this book, I wrote about what some doctors have to say about modern medicine, their very own profession. Needless to say, I was amazed, baffled and surprised to read the numerous blunt and sometimes negative remarks made against modern medicine. I cannot help but wonder why these people say such things. What have these people to gain if what they write is not true? Absolutely nothing. Perhaps what they say is true then. That is moral integrity. These are honourable people and they must have had enough seeing what had happened in their own backyards. It is wonderful that they dared speak up and shared their thoughts with us.

Many cancer patients have asked me if they should undergo surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc., for their cancers. I am sorry that I cannot tell them what to do. The best I can do is to give them the necessary information about the various treatments as documented in the medical books, journals, etc., hence this book.

In all fairness, patients must be told the truth before embarking on any invasive treatments. They should be forewarned about the risks involved, and the pros and cons of each treatment protocol explained to them. They should not be made to undergo any treatment as a matter of course. The practice of misinformation, disinformation, instilling fear and arrogance is never part of the noble healing profession.

Patients are reminded that they need to garner information from various sources. Do not drink water from only one well. After gathering all the information, they are to make their own informed decision. Then, go for it. Do not ever look back with regrets.

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