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Cancer Success Stories: Book 2

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Miraculous Healing

This book documents many stories about healing of cancer patients. Healing is a personal choice. It is up to each individual to choose and opt for the healing path that he/she is comfortable with. This book affirms one simple but important message: there is a choice!

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Cancer Success Stories: Book 2

Miraculous Healing

Miracles happen more often than expected !

When man started to learn how nature works, he called this new knowledgescience. Up to this day science has achieved tremendous progress to the   extent that it has turned around and rejected any natural phenomenon that does not fit into its mould of thinking. What cannot be seen, measured and explained are deemedunscientific. I have always held the view that science does not have all the answers to our problems. If we do not know, it is due to our lack of knowledge. Until then, nature still remains mysterious irrespective of how much we think we know.

For thousands of years, the Chinese and Indians have been practising the art of healing producing miraculous results. To them, the question of whether what they have been doing is scientific or not, does not arise nor is it of any concern. To them, what matters is that their actions are effective and benefit them!



Francisco Contreras, M.D., Surgical Oncologist

Director of Oasis of Hope Hospital

Author of Health in the 21st Century, The Hope of Living Cancer Free, The Hope of Living Long and Well,

An Alternative Guide to a Healthy Heart, and The Coming Cancer Cure

 According to Dr. Chris K. H. Teo, true healing ventures beyond a person’s physical body to include his psyche and spirit.  When care is provided to the whole person, a proper balance between his body, mind and spirit can be restored.  When these three areas of a person are working together harmoniously, total health results.

Medical science does not address the needs of the whole person though clinical studies indicate that a patient’s well-being is largely dependent on his spiritual and psychological state. It takes emotional and spiritual strength to overcome the adversity of a physical illness.  This strength is reflected in a patient’s determination to live. I have had the privilege of working with thousands of cancer patients at the Oasis of Hope Hospital and what I have found is that patients who are determined to live take a proactive approach to their treatment.  They do not just sit back and let doctors work on them. What I like about Dr. Teo’s book is that he encourages patients to be proactive and he gives them tools to take control of their health.

Dr. Teo is a voice of reason that helps patients to stop feeling sorry for themselves and start getting informed about their illnesses and how to overcome them.  He explains how nature is a fountain full of resources that the body can use to reverse disease and he reminds patients who complain about the taste of herbal therapies or the work that it takes to prepare them, that it is a mild discomfort compared to the suffering associated with chemotherapy and radiation.

This book contains many answers for people who have cancer and the patient testimonies it features are motivating.  Though no cures are promised, the stories within this book work much like a roadmap to a higher quality of life.  Dr. Teo shares how incorporating emotional healing is key to strengthening the body, diminishing pain and regaining independence.

 I agree with Dr. Teo that modern medicine has much to learn from the ancient healing arts.  While there is great excitement about human genome mapping and the potential cures that may result from this advancement in research, Dr. Teo focuses on lifestyle and environmental issues.  He has not forgotten that a very small percentage of illnesses can be attributed to genetic predisposition.  I enjoyed this book because it provides practical and effective ways that people can improve their health instead of focusing on possible future cures available through technological discoveries.

I applaud Dr. Teo for his approach that in part parallels the approach that my father, Dr. Ernesto Contreras, Sr., pioneered back in the 1960s ?to be effective as a physician, you must provide resources, therapies and a healing environment that will help a patient improve his physical, emotional and spiritual quality of life.

As a medical doctor, I am proud to say that we have uncovered countless therapies and technologies that allow us to better help our patients.  But the most important way to help is for us to acknowledge our limitations and encourage patients to involve God in the healing process.  I tell my patients that we will do what is possible and trust God to do the impossible.  It really struck a chord with me when I saw the motto of Dr. Teo’s clinic, Our hands [are used], but God heals.

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