(E) Prostate Cancer

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Healed Naturally

In this book, I have presented 21 case reports of prostate cancer. Skeptics would say these are just anecdotal evidence and are of no scientific value. They are just stories, mere stories. I would not argue with them. Treat these stories any way you like. But I know for sure, these people that I have featured had felt the impacts of our therapy in one way or another. Most of them have benefited, but for some who have failed, I hope they know why they have failed.

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Prostate Cancer

Healed Naturally

What Patients Have Taught Me

In the Introductory chapter, I started off with the story of a desperate wife from a far away land. She was told that her husband was facing his imminent death. If he is lucky he would survive one to two years, otherwise nine months. I found what the oncologist told Joan and her husband, Tom, rather shocking and ridiculous. It is a destructive professional opinion. How could anyone go home and live the rest of his life in peace with a sword hanging over his head? Even if the case is serious enough to be true, is it really necessary to make such a remark? They would argue it is done in the name of honesty. I would say, these people might be brilliant in their respective professions but they fail in the art of human relationship. The frustration and helplessness of Joan had triggered the alarm bell within me that made me decide to write this book. I suddenly realized that I have to do my part to try and explain what I do when cancer patients come to me. Perhaps, by that I can help others who may be in similar situation like Tom.

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