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Cancer! What Now?

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An effective, holistic option which you may not know about

This book is written with our more than 16 years experience of dealing with patients.  In your time of anguish, helplessness and fear, we hope to provide you with information that will help you understand the truth about cancer and the treatments that are out there. After having gathered all the information, lay them out systematically and then make your own decision. Be an empowered patient!

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Cancer!  What Now?

An effective, holistic option which you may not know about

Almost every day I receive e-mails from cancer patients or their loved ones seeking information on how to manage their cancer.

There is no way I can answer such queries by writing e-mails. I need to write a book! So here it is Cancer – What Now? After you read this book, probably you want to know more! I have written another book earlier, Cancer – Is There Another Option? In these two books, I have tried to answer in detail most of the questions that cancer patients are looking for – What to do after being diagnosed with cancer? or What do I do now that the treatments I have opted for failed? By writing these two books I have spent much time trying to address all your major concerns. It is now your turn to do something for yourself. Read and understand what I have written, that is if you want to know my views about cancer. With this background knowledge, I hope it will help you plot the next stage of your cancer journey.

I am aware that there are already many books written about cancer. You might have probably read some of them or none at all. I am also aware that you have no time to read because you are made busy having to run around undergoing and coping with your treatments. I am also aware that after being diagnosed with cancer you are overwhelmed with all kinds of expert advices given by well-meaning friends and relatives. Perhaps you have come to a stage where you are now confused or fed-up with what they tell you and therefore you do not have any more appetite for more information. I remember the wife of a lawyer who came to seek my help. When I asked her to read some of my books, she answered: I have read many books already and I know enough! I am also aware that some people don’t like to read books! Such people prefer that the experts lead them by the nose.

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 After reading CANCER What Now?  You may wish to read CANCER – Is There Another Option?


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