CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

Politics of Cancer


Strong Arm Tactic

Dr. Alan Levin, Professor of Immunology at the University of California, said:

  • Physicians are intimidated into using regimens which they know do not work. 
  • One of the most glaring examples is chemotherapy which does not work for the majority of cancers. 
  • Physicians are coerced into using it by special interest groups which have vested interests in the profits of the drug industry.

Reference:  Richard Walters, Options: the alternative cancer therapy book.

More Sickness More Money 

American medical system is profit-orientated, monopolistic professional organisation built on the Principle of More Sickness, More Profit.

  •  Disease is a big business.
  •  It is a eighty-billion-dollar-a-year booty.
  •  Cancer presents one of the biggest sources of income to the medical-drug-hospital industry.

Reference: Paavo Airola, Cancer: causes, prevention and treatment – the total approach.

Protecting You or Protecting Profits

  •  To the Vested Interest, treatment success means profit, while dangerous, not proven or questionable treatment means threat to the profit of the cancer industry.
  •  That is why alternative cancer therapies are suppressed or barred from the public’s awareness. Of course, they do this on the pretext that they are protecting public safety.
  •  But dangerous and consistently unsuccessful radiotherapy and chemotherapy continue to dominate the field of oncology.

      … an incredibly lucrative business for doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies  ~ Glen Warner, M.D.

Reference: Burton Goldberg, An alternative medicine definitive guide to cancer. 

Half Truth

  •  Most of what you have heard over your lifetime about cancer treatments is not the truth.
  •  At the very least, you have received an incomplete picture.
  •  If you believe the propaganda you have been fed and you develop cancer, it can cost you your life. 

They put profit first. They don’t want the public to know about other options.

They say other options are hocus-pocus, unproven and unscientific.

As a result, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery become the law of the land for cancer treatment. 

Reference:   Burton Goldberg, An alternative medicine definitive guide to cancer.

Ensuring Money Flows Into Their Coffer

  •  The reason alternative cancer treatments are not acceptable by the medical profession has little to do with alleged ineffectiveness,  rather it has to do with political control over the cancer industry. 
  •  The politics of cancer ensures that the research, knowledge and treatment of cancer and public perception about cancer remain the way dictated by the Cancer Establishment.
  •  The Cancer Industry is organised around a medical monopoly to ensure that money continues to flow to the pharmaceutical companies, medical technology firms, research institutes, and government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and organisations such as the American Cancer Society (ACS).
  •  The doctors who treat patients and the scientists who conduct research are not the ones in control of the cancer field.

Reference:  Burton Goldberg, An alternative medicine definitive guide to cancer.

 This, ladies and gentlemen, is evil … 

  • Virtually every scientific discovery over the ages  has met a wall of resistance.
  •  The authority figures first recognise and acknowledge the value of the discovery.
  •  Next, they try to separate the innovator from his discovery, to essentially steal it … with a profit motive in mind.
  •  Finally, without fail, they pursue a no-holds-barred course to destroy the discoverer.

~ Julian Whitaker, Introduction, Politics in healing.

Toxic Response To New Idea

Throughout human history, significant innovation or discovery goes through three stages.

  •   First, they’re ridiculed.
  •   Second, they are heavily fought by those who have economic interests in the status quo.
  •   And finally, when the dam is breaking everyone says: Well we knew it all along.

~  Schopenhauer, philosopher.

  How Could There Be Politics In Cancer and Healing? 

  •  For a layman, it is hard to conceive that some of the most basic organisation in our health establishment would lie and cheat, but lie and cheat they have.
  •  It is a terrible thing that we cannot really trust either the FDA or the NCI (National Cancer Institute).
  •  The FDA frequently appears less interested in protecting Americans from harmful drugs than from harmless ones, especially those capable of competing with prescription drugs.
  •  Surely one presumes, the best medical discoveries are adopted and the doctors use them. The tragic truth is that it is not that simple.

Reference:  Daniel Haley, Politics in healing. 

Propaganda By The Mass Media 

Do you think the newspapers, magazines and TV news reports present medical information fairly and objectively? Think again.

  • Medical propaganda is rampant. Its goal is to mislead, confuse and coerce you into supporting conventional medicine and enhancing the cancer industry’s spoils of war.

Reference: Burton Goldberg, An alternative medicine definitive guide to cancer.

Medical Journals Are Tools of Drug Companies

Richard Smith, editor for the prestigious British Medical Journal for  twenty-five years said:

  • Medical journals are an immoral marketing tool for drug companies. 
  • Medical journals are an extension of the marketing arm of pharmaceutical companies. 
  • I’d always known medical journalism wasn’t about the truth.

Richard Horton, editor of the Lancet, wrote in March 2004.

  • Journals have devolved into information laundering operations for the pharmaceutical industry.


 Modern Medicine: The New World Religion 

There is no room for spirituality or human dimensions in medicine. Yet medicine functions as an organised religion – the world’s New Religion.

  •   Doctors have taken the place of priests.
  •   The fight against disease has replaced the fight against sin.
  •   Taking pills had become the sacraments / talismans.
  •   Medicine makes an absolute claim as the only true path to good health. 
  •   Charlatans are condemned and persecuted today as heretics were yesterday.
  •   Only doctors know what is wrong with you and only doctors can prescribe the remedies.
  •   Patients are expected to obey their doctors as they do their priests!
  •   And as a result people are still being manipulated by their fears and childish hopes.

Reference:  Olivier Clerc,