CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

Ovarian Cysts, Caesarean Birth, Cysts Disappeared!



Nur is a 25-year-old Indonesian lady. She often suffered severe pains during her menses. She would break into cold sweat and sometime fainted due to the intense pains. An ultrasound indicated presence of cysts in both her ovaries. The one in the left was about 7.5 cm. The doctor also suspected endometriosis. As a result Nur was asked to undergo surgery. Without surgery, she was told that she would not be able to have any baby! However, with surgery the doctor predicted that she might be able to conceive but there was no guarantee.

Nur would not take the risk of going under the knife. She came to us for help. We prescribed GY 5 and GY 6 on 10 May 2001. During the first week of consuming the herbs, she suffered churning pains but this eventually went away. After two months on the herbs she was pregnant!

Everything went well and when it was time to deliver the baby, the doctor suggested that she underwent Caesarean birth. The idea is to kill two birds with one stone (of course, it cost her more money too. A Caesarean birth costs 4 million rupiah while normal birth costs 0.5 million rupiah inIndonesia). According to the doctor, he is going to remove the two cysts after delivering the baby.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) what the educated mind thinks and reality do not tally! The doctor started to search for the cysts but found NONE. Nur’s baby is now eight months old and she brought her miracle baby to the TVRI talk-show (video clip above).
Besides having her baby, Nur told us that she had an additional bonus. Before taking the herbs, she suffered severe stomachaches very often. This has since disappeared! I come to understand later that Nur is a science graduate – she studied animal husbandry!