CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

NPC Recurred

He Took Herbs and Changed His Diet and was Healed

Jack, a 52-year-old male, was diagnosed with Stage 2 nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) in December 2002. He underwent thirty-five radiation treatments but these did not cure him. He suffered a recurrence eight months later. Jack was asked to undergo a surgery to open up his face so that the tumour could be removed. He was on the verge of doing that when a friend suggested that he looked for another option. Jack consulted a doctor from Hong Kong who felt that only radiation was necessary.  In April 2004, after six radiation treatments, Jack found CA Care.

On 31 October 2006, we had the privilege to interview Jack. The following is the transcript of our conversation.

Q: How are you now?

A: I’m okay and feeling good.  I am now on full-time work. Even before I had NPC, I was very good in terms of health – no health problems at all. It was the radiation that devastated me. My health today is the same as before I was diagnosed with NPC. It is back to normal now but with a difference. I was heavier before, but now I feel lighter.

Q: How did the cancer come about?

A:  I went for a medical check-up. It was an ordinary yearly medical screening. The reading of my EBV (Epstein-Barr Virus) was high. So, I was asked to go for a scope of my nasopharynx. There was no bleeding. On some isolated incidences I had bleeding when I scratched it. There was a slight swelling (lump) on my neck which I did not take notice of.  

Q: What was your reaction when the doctor told you that you had cancer?

A:  Actually it was a terrible way to release the news to me.  While checking and scoping me, the doctor said: I think you got cancer.  I went blank.  I was silent.  I didn’t know what to ask. Then came my only question –  I asked him: How long more do I have? He said: Oh, it depends on the treatment. I then remember him telling me I only had a little time to live. I went down to the lobby of the hospital and sat there for two hours.  I didn’t know what to do. I was stunned. Second Opinion.

Q: Did it occur to you that the ENT doctor might be wrong?  Did you attempt to seek a second opinion? Did he do a biopsy? You just took his word when he said you had cancer?

A:  No.  Frankly, I was so stunned. I had no energy to do anything else. He did take out the tissue for biopsy. But at that time, he just said it was cancer when he saw the lump. I supposed he was so confident.  But professionally, I felt, he shouldn’t have said it like that. He should have done a biopsy first. He could also have made arrangements so that there was somebody to stand by, and then say:Your biopsy is here and it is confirmed that it is cancer.

Patient received thirty-five radiation treatments but these did not cure him. He suffered a recurrence eight months later, in November 2003. 


Q: When you were told of your relapse, how was your reaction?  Was it as bad as the first one?

A:  Not as bad as the first one.  But when the oncologist said I would have to have my face cut, my feelings were like the time when I was first diagnosed with cancer. Actually, a week before I was told I had a relapse, I went for a scan and was told that it was all clear. Then a week later, I went for a scope – very confident that everything was going to be okay. The scope showed the cancer was there.  The scan did not show it.  The same ENT doctor … said: Don’t worry. It is just a small thing. Probably you need a little radiation and it would be okay. The only thing is that it is a recurrence. A recurrence is no good. But the problem started when I went to see the oncologist. He said it was a big problem and I had to cut it out. The oncologist said: Actually the radiation didn’t work for you. And radiation won’t work for you anymore. You must go for surgery.  So he recommended surgery, cutting through my face (showing cutting motion along his nose and lifting up his face), opening it up, then digging out the thing layer after layer. 

Q:  How did you take it after hearing the oncologist?

A:  Terrible, very, very terrible.  Imagine cutting up my face. I didn’t feel like wanting to live anymore. At first, I felt numb.  How could this happen?  But he said: If I were you, I would do it – for the sake of your family and the kids.  That was what he said.  I took those words very seriously.  If you, as an oncologist, were prepared to go through it, I was left with no choice.  When an oncologist says: for my family – these are very powerful words. I was prepared to go for this surgery because of his words. My wife and I started to calculate the costs – we were looking at hospital rates, room and board, etc. It would be a major surgery. So, we were prepared to go for it. It was really scary.  You know, mentally I was finished. I couldn’t think anymore following the news. He described to me how my face would be cut through, opened up and scraped (showing scrapping motion), then put back.  So there would be scars after that.

Patient Discovered CA Care Therapy

A: I surfed the net.  I went into one share trader’s website.  He mentioned in his general column that we must be careful with our health because so many people are getting cancer and all kinds of illnesses.  And now his friend has NPC. He was going to bring his friend to Penang to see a person who could heal cancer. He mentioned the link to your website.  After that I went into your website. Your website was the first website to have mentioned NPC treatment with herbs. During the past year, I went into many websites – from America and elsewhere – they mentioned only cancer. No NPC was ever mentioned.  Your website talked about NPC and herbs, NPC Tea, etc., and these were specific to my NPC case.

Q: How long have you been on the herbs then?

A:  I read about you at the end of 2003.  But by the time I got your herbs, it was April 2004. So, it was from 2004 till now, 2006.  I have been on your herbs for about two and half years.


As of this writing, May 2009, patient is still taking the herbs. It has been 5 years now and he is doing very well.