CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

No Periods For Thirteen Years!


Vani/G58, is a 40-year-old lady who had a unique problem. At the age of 12, she had her periods only twice; then her periods became irregular. At the age of 28, her periods stopped totally until to the day when she came to see us.

Vani is married since the past 7 years and is without any child. In 1955, the doctor indicated that she suffered from polycystic ovarian syndrome. She was put on hormone therapy to induce her menses. Initially she was prescribed Marvelon (oral contraceptive) after which it was changed to Bromocriptine. She was also prescribed testosteron, prolactin, LH and FSH on different occasions. Unfortunately, all these hormonal treatments did not work for her.

In 1997, Vani had breast cyst and this was surgically removed. In 1999, an ultrasound indicated bilateral enlarged ovary (3cm). In November 2001, Vani suffered neck pains. Her neck swelled and there was yellow discharge.

Vani came to see us on 7 June 2002 and presented as follows:

1. She was not able to sleep.

2. She often felt tired.

3. She had burning sensation when urinating.

4. Both her ankles were painful and suffered cramps in the fingers.

5. Sometimes, she felt pains in the back.

Vani was put on GY 5, GY 6 and Mt. Guava deTox tea.

On 21 February 2003, Vani came back to see us after a long silence – it has been eight months since she first came and saw us. She reported the following:

1. She had her periods a few days ago. It lasted three days. The blood was brownish and scanty in amount.

2. She confirmed that for the last ten years she was NOT on any medication, except the herbs.

3. She was able to sleep after taking the herbs.

4. She felt less tired.

5. She had no more burning sensation when urinating.

6. The pains in the ankles and cramps of her fingers had disappeared.

7. The stomach bloatedness which she used to have was much less after the herbs.

8. There was NO more swelling in the neck. However, if she did not take the deTOX tea, the neck became painful and the pain would disappear after taking the deTOX tea.


Amazing results but we could not understand her! She did not take the herbs as she was supposed to. Over the one year period she only consumed herbs for five weeks. Can anybody understand her? But the great thing is, when she came back to see us – she appeared happy and satisfied and said everything was good for her!