CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

New Thinking About Cancer and Its Treatment


We would like to recommend that you visit the website put up by

Professor Gershom Zajicek, The Hubert H. Humphrey Center For Experimental Medicine and Cancer Research, Faculty of Medicine, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.


The following are some salient points raised by this learned professor.   

What is cancer? 

  • Cancer is a systemic disease and its symptom is expressed as a tumor. Removing the tumour is therefore NOT the ultimate solution or cure for cancer. Often the cancer recurs after an apparent “successful medical treatment”. Therefore, there is more to cancer than just its tumor.

Wisdom and the Healing Power of the Body 

  • Our body has its wisdom and unique self-healing power. This self healing instinct lies dormant in us unless it is activated. Modern medicine does not recognize the existence of this Healing Power.

 We Need to Empower Ourselves

  • Health is our responsibility. Do not mortgage this responsibility to our doctors and other specialists. Do you believe they know more about our health better than us? The medical establishment may want us to believe that this is the correct thing to do – to trust them all the way! This may not be the right thing to do when it comes to cancer. Many patients have found out this the hard way – much too late. Professor Zajicek said: doctors’ arguments are wrapped in hypocrisy and double talk. Profound distrust drives patients to alternative medicine.

 Failure of Medicine 

  • Modern medicine fails to cure cancer, signifying the failure of the basic philosophy of medicine itself. Based on the philosophy of Descartes, medicine regards the body as a machine. Disease is a malfunction of the body which has to be corrected. Descartes and his followers, the doctors, did not realize that the human machine differs from man-made machine by its ability to self-heal. The failure of medicine is to ignore the self-healing capacity of our bodies. 
  • Medicine is in a conceptual deadlock that is most pronounced in cancer. It has the best means to treat disease, yet the basic tenets of treatment are false. Medicine fails to deal with the complexity of the organism. It regards our body as a complex linear machine, while in reality it is non-linear and chaotic.

 Mind Disease and the Cancer Mask 

  • Cancer is regarded as an evil disease – by society and also doctors. We must fight this deadly cancer within us, so they say. But on the other hand, arteriosclerosis, which is more dangerous and which kill more patients than cancer, does not carry a similar metaphor. We don’t wage a war on arteriosclerosis. Why?
  • Yesterday, a woman felt healthy. Today, she discovers a small lump in her breast. Suddenly she becomes ill, realizing that she carries an evil disease. The lump is her death sentence. In reality, she is healthy. The lump does not pose an immediate threat to her. Nevertheless she panicked. It is not cancer that causes her misery, but society and medicine that promote this fatalistic perception.
  • Now this woman is alarmed and rushes to her doctor the next day. She undergoes a mammography and biopsy and is told she has cancer. The doctor tells her that she is very ill. Her world turns upside down.
  • Before detecting the swelling, this woman is otherwise a healthy person not until she is given the cancer mask to wear. Fear is generated. Everything needs to be done quickly and urgently to fight and save her life from this evil disease – the tumour! So this woman has to act, to conform to the roles of the mask that she wears. She now acquires a new disease called the mind-cancer. From then on she sinks into the abyss of misery, believing that she will die rather soon.
  • Ask these questions: Before the discovery of the lump, and before consulting her doctor – what was her life like? She was as fit as a fiddle, wasn’t she? The sudden a change of fortune befalls her just because she had discovered a lump in her breast. What is the real cause of her misery? The lump in her breast or the perception of evil being spun by society and the medical establishment?

What to Do If You Are Diagnosed With Cancer? 

1.      First find a good doctor with the following qualities:

  • Experienced physician who will find time to listen to your questions.
  • Generalist (take note: not specialist) who understands the newest developments in medicine, particularly cancer.
  • Open minded doctor, ready to consider unconventional medical approaches, like alternative medicine.

2.      Take time to look for the best qualified, and don’t rush to the first one you encounter.

3.      The medical establishment regards your lump as an emergency. You are rushed to the ward, sign consent-papers, and you nearly lose your mind. Remember this ancient Arab saying: haste is from the DevilThis advice is indeed highly appropriate for this situation.

4.      You need time to decide what treatment is best for you.

5.       The tumor is only one expression of your chronic condition and its removal does not assure your cure.

Blind Spot of Medicine

  • After being diagnosed with cancer your mission is to train yourself to live with cancer in peace and harmony. The message your body is giving you is that your life needs to take a new course, with a new mission. It does not matter whether you were cured by surgery or not.
  •  Start a new life which is devoted to tilt the balance between cancer and your body in your favor.
  • You may turn to your doctor for advice on alternative approaches.  He may just look at you, laugh and say:  Who tell you all this nonsense? Don’t believe in such unscientific and unproven baloney!  For medicine it is inconceivable that other ways are better than their cut, burn and poison approaches.
  • You will have to trot this difficult path on your own. Medicine ignores its limitations and views what are being said here as nonsense.