CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

Listen to Your Body

A 43-year old lady had constipation problem. She went to the hospital. The doctor did an operation on her and discovered that cancerous tumours had invaded the ovaries, pelvic cavity, omentum, part of the colon and the surface of liver.  This was classified as Stage 4 (T3bNxM1) cancer.

Can cancer just appear like that? It is not likely. Perhaps there are early signals or signs that were being presented years before – could you recognise these signals? Do you care or are you not bothered?

In the desire to climb the career ladder it is worth realizing that health is most important. Take time to BE. In silence learn to know what the body is telling you.

As for this lady, there were some signals but she just took them for granted, referring to take Panadol to silence them all. To you ladies take note that irregular, painful, periods indicate imbalances in the body, especially the liver. This 43-year-old-lady had been having pains but ignored them. In addition she did not have her periods for up to six months, then when her periods came it was a very heavy flow, with dark coloured blood clots.

According to the Chinese, blood clots indicate stagnation. Absence or irregular period, etc., all indicate stagnation or poor qi circulation. Stagnation leads to blockage of blood and qi flow leading to pain. If stagnation is allowed to persist, over a long period it transforms into mass which later manifest as tumours.

So, please learn to listen to your body.