CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

Leukemia – A Miraculous Healing

Pak Jam, from Aceh, Indonesia came to Penang on 7 December 2009. His wife Nur was diagnosed with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia) in July 2009. After the herbs she is now recovering very well.

Four months ago, Nur was hospitalized for fifteen days and received five cycles of chemotherapy at a private hospital in Penang. Her condition did not improve but instead became worse. In spite of the medication, even her coughs could not be cured during those fifteen days. The total cost of the treatment amounted to RM 30,000 and the family had run out of funds, in spite of borrowing from friends and relatives. Pak Jam had no choice but to discharge Nur from the hospital and came to seek our help.

Pak Jam said: When I was on the way to the airport bringing my wife home, I prayed that she would just survive her trip to Medan (the destination, Indonesian city about thirty-minute flying time from Penang). Please do not die in Penang or at the airport. If she expired in Medan, at least I could bring her home by car without much hassle. My wife could hardly move and I had to move her in a slanting wheelchair with her head held onto my chest. On the plane I put her head on my lap. When I got to Medan, we rested for 2 days before taking a fourteen-hour ride to Aceh. On the way home she fell unconscious.

After taking the herbs (Capsule A, Leuk 1 and Leuk 2 teas, etc., and without any of the fifteen drugs that the doctor had prescribed on her discharge) Nur started to recover. Her health improved with each day. She can now participate in the house chores, including cooking for the family and carrying her grandchild – something that she could not do before. Chris said to Pak Jam: I am amazed, it is God’s blessing. Pak Jam replied: It is your efforts but it is God who heals.

The following is the full story of Nur’s amazing recovery.

Part 1: No Cure and No More Money

First Visit to CA Care

Chris: From Aceh, fifty-six years old, now in hospital and the patient is your wife?
Pak: I could not afford the expenses anymore.

C: Oh, you could not afford the expenses but the doctor can treat her?
Pak: The say cannot cure her. Then only last night we found out about CA Care. My son phoned me and asked me to find Dr. Chris.

C: How did he know about Dr. Chris?
Pak: From the internet.

C: Let me ask you some questions first. What really happened? Let’s start from the beginning.
Pak: One lump in the anus was removed. That was done in a hospital in Medan, three months ago. The wound took too long to heal. Eventually the doctor did a blood test and found her haemoglobin was low. They did a lumbar puncture (or spinal tap in which sample is drawn from the lower spine using a needle). After that they said it was blood cancer – leukemia.

C: What did you do after that?
Pak: I requested for blood transfusion. This was done in Medan and then I brought her to a private hospital in Penang. She is already 11 days in the hospital.

C: What did the doctor tell you?
Pak: They did more tests, another lumbar puncture and sent the sample to Singapore. The result – leukemia.

C: Then, what did they do?
Pak: They said chemo. So she had four days of chemotherapy already.

C: Four cycles of chemo. How many do they want to give her?
Pak: They said five – so tomorrow will be another one.

C: Okay, five cycles of chemo – but actually what do they really want to do? Because in leukemia the treatment needs to go on for years (it is not finished with five shots of chemo).
Pak: No, I don’t want that.

C: With four or five cycles of chemo – did you ask, what is the real aim here? Can they cure her with such treatment?
Pak: No, cannot cure.

C: So, if cannot cure, what actually then is the aim of the treatment?
Pak: After five cycles of chemo, they will give her some medications to increase her haemoglobin. After that she will go home.

C: Is that all they want to do? If chemo cannot cure her – why do you undergo chemo then? Okay, how much does one cycle of chemo cost you?
Pak: I don’t know yet, but probably RM 1,000. I really don’t know because I have never had such an experience.

C: From what I know, if they really want to treat leukemia by chemotherapy, it would require three years of treatment. The treatment can drag from Year 1 to Year 2 and then Year 3. I know of patients spending up to RM 300,000 for such treatment. Yet they failed to find their cure. If we can only maintain her condition, that is good enough. But even maintenance cost so much money and patients cannot afford it.
Pak: I actually cannot afford it anymore. I would probably go back to Aceh and find some folk medicine in my kampong (village).

C: Pak, many people believe in folk medicine. You may go to the bomoh (local shaman) but we also need to rely on scientific knowledge. Some bomohs may say her problem could be due to the evil spirit, demon, etc, etc., but it is important to look at the blood parameters. We need to know exactly what had gone wrong. I also know that even medical science finds it difficult to cure leukemia. I also know of a person who spent RM 1.5 million (not 1.5 million rupiahs, it is RM) trying to cure his wife’s leukemia. But in the end, his wife died – no cure. So, we know it is difficult to find a cure for leukemia.
So Pak, if it is me, I would get out of the hospital now. In the hospital, you need to spend a lot of money and they say they cannot cure your wife. They could NOT guarantee her recovery. Think further, is there any hope with chemotherapy? It has already been eleven days that she is in the hospital, where is the hope? The doctor said there would be no cure. That means more money spent.
Pak: I called home for more money to be sent over, but there is no more money. I can only lift up my hands to God for help. Then last night my son called and asked me to see Dr. Chris and seek his help.

Part2: Discharged And Prescribed Fifteen Types of Drugs

Second and Third Visit to CA Care

Pak: I have brought my wife out of the hospital.
(Note: She was prescribed herbs: Capsule A, Leuk 1 and Leuk 2, GI tea, Chemo and Radio Tea)

C: Okay, take these herbs and in the next few days she will suffer from healing crisis. She will feel difficult, more tired, etc. Don’t worry, take it easy. If possible bring her here before you go home. But if she is unable to come, it is okay – you come and tell me what happens.

The Doctor Prescribed Fifteen Drugs Upon Discharge From Hospital

C: She was discharged from the hospital?
Pak: I bring you all the medications that the doctor prescribed upon her discharge. Tell me what drugs I need to give her and what I would just keep aside. Oh, so many drugs, which are the ones to take I don’t know.

C: I don’t know – I am confused. One, two, three … thirteen, fourteen and fifteen. Fifteen drugs to take.
Pak: Of these, are there drugs that she has to take? If not, I would just put them aside.

C: It is difficult for me to advise – too much medication.

Journey Home

Pak: When I was on the way to the airport bringing my wife home, I prayed that she would just survive her trip to Medan (the destination, Indonesian city about 30- minute flying time fromPenang). Please do not die in Penang or at the airport. If she expired in Medan, at least I could bring her home by car without much hassle.

C: Was it difficult when you brought her home on the airplane?
Pak: Very difficult indeed. My wife could hardly move and I had to move her in a slanting wheelchair with her head held onto my chest. On the plane I put her head on my lap. She had to lie down. There was no need for oxygen. When I got to Medan, we rested for two days before taking a fourteen-hour ride to Aceh. On the way home we stopped mid-way and visited our grandchild. She was very tired and fell unconscious.

Part 3: Hospital Experience – RM 30,000 And No Benefit

C: I am amazed and I did not expect this. Tell me, how many times is she better off now than before taking the herbs?
Pak: I believe the doctor would be shocked to see her, if I were to bring her back to the hospital. We spent RM 2,000 per day while in the hospital. For a week it came to RM 14,000. Every now and then I was asked to put in more money as security deposit.

C: Everyday they asked you to put in more money as deposit?
Pak: Almost every other day. When the money was almost finished they asked for more deposit. So you see when she was in the hospital, I had to spend a lot of money. I borrow from others and now I am starting to pay them back. So I have to work hard to start finding more money. Oh, to find money is so difficult. But when I have found enough money, I flew here to see you. I am very satisfied. I saw her improvements. To me this is the way to go.

C: The stay in the hospital cost you RM 2,000 per day? A day and a night cost RM 2,000? And you stayed for a week?
Pak: No, it was for fifteen days and that cost me M 30,000.

C: RM 30,000 – did you receive any benefit?
Pak: No, I did not see any benefit at all.

C: Fifteen days in the hospital – what was in your heart then? Was there any hope at all?
Pak: Helpless.

C: Did you think she would recover in the fifteen days in the hospital?
Pak: No. Looking at the veins in her arms due to the infusion, I told the doctor: Pardon me, if possible I would like to bring her home.

Infected With Coughs While In Hospital
And Doctor Could No Cure That Either

Pak: Fifteen days in the hospital, the doctor could not even cure her coughs. Her coughs did not go away. On the day she was admitted, the doctor suggested that my wife stay in a single-bedded room. But this was very expensive. I declined. So she stayed in a six-bedded room which was the cheapest. She was then very weak. The patient staying next to her bed had coughs. So my wife was infected by her coughs and started to cough too. The doctor gave her mediation for it but it was not effective.

With CA Care Herbs Her Coughs Were Gone Within Three Days

Pak: The doctor could not even cure her coughs in the fifteen days while in the hospital.

C: Could not cure coughs? But eventually her coughs were cured?
Pak: I came here and you gave me a set of cough herbs (Cough 5 and Cough 6) and after adding a few pieces of ginger, I boiled them. I let her drink the cough tea for the first time that evening. Her coughs got worse – more serious and she coughed more. I had an argument with my son. He asked me: Dad, do you believe in Dr. Chris’ herbs or do you believe in the doctor’s medication? Let’s see what can happen in the next one or two days. The next morning, my wife coughed less. I gave her more cough herbs and the next day her coughs were gone. So within three days the coughs went off but for two days she had difficulty. First day was really serious, second day her difficulty became less. Third day – coughs gone.

C: And you said when she was in the hospital for fifteen days, the cough did not go away?
Pak: The coughs did not go away.

C: Ha, ha, better than staying in the hospital! Right?

Part 4: Doc, Your Efforts But God Who Heals

C: When she was in the hospital, she had chemo, how was her condition?
Pak: No, the stay in the hospital did not help her at all.

C: Even with chemo, it did not help?
Pak: No.

C: Okay, when she was discharged from the hospital, how was her condition?
Pak: Very weak, could not walk by herself and needed to be aided. That was why I did not bring her to see you.

C: After being discharged, she started to take herbs for a week before you brought her back to Acheh. During that first week, did she show any improvements?
Pak: No, she became worse.

C: Oh, she became worse – more tired?
Pak: But I was not afraid. (Pak had been forewarned about the healing crisis). When in Acheh we checked her blood. Her haemoglobin level was 6.0 (So I called you and you asked me to go for blood transfusion). I brought her to the hospital and they gave her five packets of blood. The haemoglobin rose to 11.0. Fifteen days later she had to be hospitalized again due to high fevers. Her haemoglobin dropped to 8.5. But the doctor did not give her any blood this time. After ten days in the hospital, she was alright.

C: After this, was she getting better – healthier?
Pak: All these times, she was taking your herbs. Yes, in the hospital she was taking your herbs. Eventually her haemoglobin rose to 8.7.

C: Apart from the haemoglobin, how was her condition?
Pak; Better. Now she can walk. In the morning I brought her for a walk. Now she can walk 100 metres – up and down and that makes it 200 metres every morning. Before that she was not able to walk.

C: Before that, she was in pain, you said.
Pak: Yes, she had pains in her anus. But now no more pains. It is normal now.

C: Before she was unable to sleep.
Pak: She can sleep now and her appetite is very good. Before, she had no appetite.

C: Wow, ha, ha.
Pak: Now even at night she feels hungry and asks for food. Before that her skin was wrinkled – no flesh. Now the wrinkles are all gone and she had put on more flesh.

C: Previously you said she was tired.
Pak: Yes, even now if she walks too much. But if she is in the house, she is okay, not tired any more. She can move around the house overseeing the children doing the house chores. She can go to the bathroom and bathe by herself. Before that she was not able to do such things.

C: Oh, this is really amazing.
Pak: Her improvements are really good.

C: Before you said her breathing was difficult.
Pak: Now, it is good.

C: So compared to before and after the herbs – there are differences?
Pak: Very different. Great improvements.

C: Relax and be at easy. Now that she has improved, do you see any hope?
P: Seems very bright. Her facial expression is good now, no longer pale as before. Now, she likes to talk with others, before she would not do that. Yes, she is much healthier now. I feel happy and feel blessed when I come here.

C: I too feel happy. When you first came and if you ask me if she would recover, I would have said: Not likely, not likely. But that is it, if we did not do what we were supposed to do then, we would not come this far. I did not expect this at all.
Pak: I too did not expect this.

C: This is God’s help.
Pak: Doctor, it is your efforts but it is God who heals.

Part 5: Four Months On Herbs: Health Improved Day By Day

C: How is Ibu (mom, referring to his wife)?
Pak: Her health had improved further. I am here because the herbs are about to finish and I am afraid we don’t have enough to drink.

C: You are sure that Ibu is better?
Pak: Yes, she can cook now. But I reminded her not to over work herself.

C: Any problem – in terms of vomiting, being unconscious, etc.?
Pak: She felt pains (or numbness) around the right and left collarbone.

C: Okay, when she was in the hospital, she had chemo (five cycles). Usually after chemo there would be these side effects like numbness of the finger tips, in the legs, etc.
Pak: Yes, she felt tingling of her fingers and pains in the joints.

C: These could be the side effects of chemo. When she was discharged from the hospital, the doctor prescribed some drugs? (Recollection: She was prescribed fifteen types of drugs).
Pak: I was very concerned that these drugs would affect her kidneys. Therefore I did not allow her to take any of the drugs that the doctor prescribed. She was entirely on your herbs.

C: During your previous visit, you said she was able to walk 100 metres, up and down. Now, has that improved?
Pak: Yes. Now she can move around and can cook, can walk, etc.

C: That was just about a month ago that you came here. So she had improved further?
Pak: Yes.

C: During this period, did she ever experience any adverse episode?
Pak: No, everything was normal and she improved step by step.

C: Can she eat well?
Pak: Oh yes, she can eat a lot now. She ate more than before.

C: Her energy – more strength now?
Pak: Yes, she can carry our grandchild. Before this, she was not able to do that. Her bowel movements were good. She ate papaya everyday before meal.

C: With that, she is not tired any more? No coughs?
Pak: When I phoned home, I could communicate with her.

C: Previously, was she able to answer and talk with you over the phone?
Pak: Previously, she was not able to even see the phone number.

C: Please know that this is not a cure.
Pak: Yes, even the doctors in the hospital were amazed when looking at her.

C: Apart from the herbs, did you give her any other medications?
Pak: No.

C: Now, how is her haemoglobin – good?
Pak: Yes, good. It has increased to 10.1. The test was done four days ago.

C: Any fevers at all?
Pak: No.

C: I am really amazed. It’s God’s blessing. I cannot say anything more than that.
Pak: Yes, I am very happy.

C: Did you ever go back to see the doctors?
Pak: No.


This is an amazing story of grace and blessing. I am lost for words. I remember meeting Pak Jam the first time he came to our centre. I could feel the helplessness in him. The first words said as he sat down were: I could not afford the expenses anymore. It was a plea for help. This was a man who was lost, helpless and desperate. I could see these on his face as well. But look at the video clips of the visits after that. He was full of smile. It is so gratifying to see his face. Besides healing his wife, without any doubt we also healed Pak Jam.

Cancer treatment is about money. Make no mistake about that. If there is no money, you have no choice. You have to get out of the hospital, particularly so if you are in a private hospital. The doctors say: Yes, cancer can be treated. Of course you can, provided you have the money to pay. The catch is, treatment does not mean it can be cured. Cancer can be treated, you get that! But treatment needs money.

For Pak Jam, money is hard to come by. Fifteen days in the hospital cost him RM 30,000. This is a huge sum of money for people like Pak Jam. He had to borrow from others to help pay the hospital bill. But fifteen days in the hospital is not going to cure his wife’s leukemia. From my experience, I know patients could spend up to RM 300,000 and yet not find a cure. So what is RM30,000? As I told Pak Jam, one man spent RM1.5 million trying to cure his wife of leukemia. She died.

Based from the above, I could see the futile effort of trying to treat her further. So I told Pak Jam to check her out of the hospital. I am aware that I have stuck my neck a bit too far out by giving this advice. Many people may accuse me of being anti-hospital or anti-doctor. Let me say this: I was just being pragmatic. This has nothing to do with science. I only used my common sense. There was NO other solution left for Pak Jam. He had no more money. And what else could he do?

Take note, as his wife is still alive today, Pak Jam has to still work hard to pay off the hospital bill – the money he borrowed four months ago. This is a sad world. He did not have to borrow money to pay for our herbs. As Pak Jam said, some herbs came from us with our compliments. The more we see her determination to heal and help herself, the more we see her improvements, the more we felt the need to help her go through this ordeal. God bless us to bless others.

When Pak Jam came to seek our help, he had no other options. And he surrendered this wife to God. At that time, as a human being, I did not see what I could do to help except to promise to do my best for her. Perhaps, these are ingredients of a miracle? A total surrender to God and ask for help from the core of our soul?

Some patients come to us with intelligent heads – asking for scientific proofs, wanting to know our percentage of success, wanting to know if our works are ever published in medical journals, etc.They come hoping to find a magic bullet using their heads. And they failed right from their first visit to us. Pak Jam never did ask any of such questions. I would imagine if he did, his wife would have been dead by now. I cannot imagine how she could ever survive leukemia. But she did, up to this time of writing.

In fact, up to this day, we have never met the patient! We look forward to meeting her one day in the future. In the meantime, our hearts are in awe and full of gratitude for His mighty work – the miracle of this case.