CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

Kidney Mass Miraculously Disappeared After Herbs

Sam (not real name) is a 74-year old male from Singapore. He had undergone an operation to remove a 8 x 4 cm tumor at his colon in October 2005. The pathology report indicated a “moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma infiltrating into the subserosal fat with no lymph node metastasis”. The resection margins were free of the tumor. Nothing eventful happened after the surgery and Sam recovered well. A follow up surveillance check with a CT scan on 21 February 2006, indicated “a new left adrenal mass measuring 4.5 x 3.6 cm”. This was suspicious of metastasis.

Due to the renal mass, Sam was asked to undergo chemotherapy — either via intravenous injection or oral drug. Sam opted for an oral drug. After collecting his medication, he was told of the drug’s side effects. Shocked by such revelation, Sam and his wife debated while driving home whether to take the drug or not. Sam finally decided not to take the chemo-drug.

Soon afterwards, someone happened to find our books and passed them on to Sam, who read them. He decided to send his sister and daughter to come and see us. Their mission was to find out more about our therapy. It turned out they (sister and daughter) decided that Sam should take our herbs without further delay.

Two weeks after taking the herbs, Sam went back for another CT scan follow up. The report dated 12 April 2006, showed “no adrenal mass is seen. The previously visualized ‘mass’ in the left suprarenal region is artefactual in nature”.

I received an e-mail from Sam’s daughter on 13 April 06 with this message: “He (my father) visited his surgeon … and to everyone’s amazement there was no longer any sign of spot that was present in earlier scans. It has miraculously disappeared. Needless to say we also see God’s intervention and kindness at work here”.

Sam, his wife and daughter, came to see us on 11 August 2006. Sam appeared to be a jovial, healthy man who could travel to Korea, Taiwan, etc. without problems.

This is wonderful news for two reasons. One, Sam’s tumor had disappeared. Just imagine what could have happened if he had undergone chemotherapy? We see this as a miracle – but for some others it was just a coincidence or luck. Two, now we have chemotherapy “going” herbal. The next time if you are asked to go for chemotherapy, why not ask for the “herbal type”? And better still, if they have the “organic variety”!