CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

Healing Takes Time


Cancer does not strike like a thunderbolt. In the book, What You Really Need to Know about Cancer,Dr. Robert Buckman estimated that it takes about two and a half years for a simple cancer call to grow into a lump, the size of a small grape which is visible to the naked eye. If it takes that much time for a lump to form, it is logical to expect that it may take that much time for the lump to regress and disappear through the process of natural healing.

Most of the patients who come to CA Care are in the advanced stages of cancer. After taking the herbs for a week or two, they usually experience some relief and this raises their expectation that healing should come immediately. Such high expectations is indeed regrettable and unrealistic. Cancer patients should be patient for healing takes time.

Even more tragic is that, after regaining some health and doing rather well, some patients even go further and take additional herbs touted by others in the hope that their healing comes even faster. This is indeed the wrong thing to do! We know of many cases where patients die soon after taking such instant healing herbs. Cancer patients cannot afford to make any more mistakes because this will cost them their lives.