CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

Healing Crisis


It is possible that after taking the recommended herbs, you may experience discomforts such as diarrhea, fatigue and even intense pain. Your condition seems to be worse than before. If this is what you experience, DO NOT WORRY. What you are experiencing is called healing crisis. CONTINUE TAKING THE HERBS! However, if the problem continues for too long and you are getting worse each day, it is advisable to stop taking the herbs first and seek advice. Generally, after a few days, the intensity of such discomforts decreases with each day. You will gain strength and your condition will improve after some days.

A healing crisis occurs as a result of the body engaging in the process of eliminating the toxins that it has accumulated over the years. Now the toxins are being liberated from their storage places within you and they are affecting the body in full force, resulting in rashes, boils, itchiness, swelling, phlegm and even intense pain. When the process of elimination has been sufficiently accomplished, your health improves.

During this detoxification process, do not take any drugs or medication to suppress the symptoms. Allow the healing process to proceed without hindrance. For example, you may experience diarrhea for three days. You should allow this to happen and take more fluid to aid the cleansing process. Perhaps on the fourth day, the diarrhea may just stop automatically. Of course you must not be too complacent as well. If your health deteriorates with each day or the problem persists for too long, then stop taking the herbs and seek professional advice or see your doctor immediately.

The healing crisis is recognized in all systems of natural healing. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is known as the law of cure.

Healing Takes Time

Cancer does not strike like a thunderbolt. In the book, What You Really Need to Know about Cancer,Dr. Robert Buckman estimated that it takes about two and a half years for a simple cancer call to grow into a lump, the size of a small grape which is visible to the naked eye. If it takes that much time for a lump to form, it is logical to expect that it may take that much time for the lump to regress and disappear through the process of natural healing.

Most of the patients who come to CA Care are in the advanced stages of cancer. After taking the herbs for a week or two, they usually experience some relief and this raises their expectation that healing should come immediately. Such high expectations is indeed regrettable and unrealistic. Cancer patients should be patient for healing takes time.

Even more tragic is that, after regaining some health and doing rather well, some patients even go further and take additional herbs touted by others in the hope that their healing comes even faster. This is indeed the wrong thing to do! We know of many cases where patients die soon after taking such instant healing herbs. Cancer patients cannot afford to make any more mistakes because this will cost them their lives.

Do Not Be Complacent

One most misinformed or misunderstood idea that many patients believe is that cancer is cured after one has undergone surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. This is often further compounded by the doctors’ pronouncement that everything is alright! The patient goes home and continues to live their previous lifestyle. Unfortunately, soon afterwards, the patient suffers a relapse i.e., the cancer comes back. We know of cased in which a relapse occur even after 10 to 15 years in remission. This implies that there is no certainty in the complete cure of cancer. Perhaps cancer patients are not aware or have not been told of the disturbing fact that conventional medical treatments can only help (not cure) 40% of all cancer cases. Unfortunately, 60% of the cancer cases do not respond to these medical procedures.

In her book, The Activist Cancer Patient, Beverly Zakarian said that one of the few things known with certain about (ovarian) cancer is that it is uncertain.

Do not be misled. If you think that you are done with cancer, cancer may not be done with you yet. So, do not be complacent. We take the view that patients need to consider the change to healthy lifestyle and diet as permanent. From our experience, we know that most patients would ask for theirunhealthy and forbidden food the moment they feel well enough to talk and eat. This is indeed most regrettable and disappointing. It makes no sense to revert back to an old lifestyle or habits at the first sign of regaining health. Also, patients may need to continue taking the herbs and cleanse the body for a long time yet. There are people who would reduce or stop totally, taking the herbs after the initial signs of recovery. The risk of a relapse is too great to take any chances.

Examples of Healing Crisis

Patients have been warned that they shall experience a healing crisis within a week or two after starting to take the herbs. This is an unavoidable process each and everyone has to go through.

Experience of JW from Hawaii

JW had terminal lung cancer. He declined both chemotherapy and radiotherapy and took herbs instead. Sure enough JW went through hell. This was what happened.

Ø Today (Aug 15) is 9th day I take herbs, and 19th day on cancer diet. I am e-mailing you about pain I am having in right lung area since August 11 (my Monday).

Ø Aug 11: (my Mon). Started feeling a pulling, rolling pain in my right lung area – intermittent.

Ø Aug 12: (my Tues). Felt some pain when I woke up. When I massaged area, pain went away. Very bloated – pain increases when I am bloated.

Ø Aug 13: (my Wed). Woke up in morning with pain. After bowel movement pain went away. Diarrhea in morning, bowel movement smelled more rancid than usual. Late afternoon – pain got severe; up most of night with pain. Very bloated.

Ø Aug 14: (my Thurs). Woke up with much less pain, less bloated. During the day, pain seemed to be getting better. But during night, pain returned – pulling, rolling pain – like pleurisy.

Ø Aug 15: (today, my Fri). I am writing this e-mail at 7:20 a.m. Pain is now constant. I have not had this pain before.

Ø Aug 15: Since I wrote the e-mail above, I slept several hours. When I woke up, the pain had subsided. Now I only feel pain if I cough, or move a certain way (stretch, get up from the bed etc.). I am not sure if the pain that I described below will return, but I wanted to let you know how I feel now. Thank you for your encouraging words and for the article about AZ. It helped me understand what I’ve been experiencing during the last few days.

Ø Aug 15: Before I took the herbs, I was not having pain. The night of my healing crisis (Aug 13) I was convinced your herbs had accelerated the cancer, and the cancer was eating me alive. That night, I remembered I had some prescription pain pills (Oxycontin) from a back injury. I badly wanted to take a handful of pills to stop the pain, but a friend talked me out of it. I paced the floor in agony, until early morning when the pain subsided. I still have soreness and occasional pain in right rib cage. But if the pain on Aug 13 was at 100, it is now at 4 – nothing I cannot live with.

But JW did not give up. He persevered and passed his first important test of confidence. Hear what he said in this video interview.

Dr. Gelb: At first Dr. Chris wanted to send only 2 weeks of herbs, as he was not sure if JW likes the teas, because so many people don’t like it.

JW: It was during the first 10 days, I think. Dr. Chris told me: you are experiencing a healing crisis. Ooh! After the 5th day, I got sick as a dog. I thought I was dying. I thought the tea was killing me. I thought to myself: well, I might just as well go ahead and die. I was sick. I couldn’t get out of bed.

Dr. Gelb: You wrote about that on the internet, in one of his newsletters, it’s called Sharing Experiences.

JW: Anyway, it passed and I haven’t had any problem since.

We requested JW to write in a bit more detail about his healing crisis. This law of healing is very little understood by patients. After taking the herbs for a week or two, patients are expected to go through hell (like in the case of JW) or experience some discomforts. This is unavoidable. Let what JW wrote and went through be an good example to others.

This is what JW wrote:

The night of my healing crisis [day 8], I was convinced your herbs had accelerated my cancer and the cancer was eating me alive. I wanted pain pills to take the pain away. I have a high tolerance for pain, but this was like nothing I had experienced before in my 79 years. It was hell. I paced the floor in agony, feeling like a trapped, caged animal – I couldn’t get away from the excruciating pain. As far as I was concerned, it was either take pain pills to stop the misery, or die and be put out of my misery. But, for some reason, I allowed my friend, Dr. Gelb, to talk me out of taking pills – reflecting on that night, I don’t think I had any energy to argue with Dr. Gelb about the pills…and somehow I got through the night.

Then the next morning (day 9), I woke up with much less pain and less bloated, and things seemed to get better during the day. I was so relieved to be feeling better, that I never thought about stopping the herb program. I was just glad that the pain had passed.

But that night (day 9), the pain returned – not as bad as the night before, but bad nonetheless – a pulling, rolling pain, like pleurisy. The pain felt like it was consuming me – all I experienced was pain, and I felt like hell. Fortunately, that night I was able to sleep for brief periods, which gave me a break from the pain. But when I woke up the next morning (day 10) at about 6 a.m., the pain was constant, which is why I e-mailed you about 80 minutes later (7:20 am). About 3½ hours after that, after I had slept for several hours, the pain subsided, and as you predicted in an e-mail to me later that day, the pain went away soon after that.

I do hope that what we have done here with the video and the testimonials will encourage more people to seek your help and stick with the CA Care program. There are too many of us dying unnecessarily. I hope that those who read the articles will understand that there is light at the end of the tunnel, especially about the healing crisis – what is a bit of pain, if you can save your life? I am so thankful that I lived through the healing crisis and didn’t give up. And I want to say to everyone, Don’t give up – your precious life is worth it.

Family members are also alarmed when patients go through the healing crisis. To understand this, we posed two questions to Dr. Gelb.

Having seen JW suffering going through the healing crisis – how do you feel as a person who was around seeing JW was getting worse and not better after taking the herbs?

Dr. Gelb: First, let me say that when I saw JW worsening after taking the herbs in early August 2008, I had no idea what was going on. I had read quite a few of the materials on your website, but hadn’t come across information that described what JW was experiencing.

As far as how I felt when I saw JW getting worse, initially, I felt disappointed and sad. Disappointed because I’d had a lot of hope in the herbs – when we first learned about the program, everything about it felt so right; sad because it seemed like the herbs weren’t working, and the cancer was advancing. To me, this was a loss – a loss of hope, of healing, and of a chance to conquer this enemy. After a few moments of feeling disappointed and sad, and even shedding a few tears, those feelings passed.

At one point, I also experienced some self-doubt, thinking, “Oh my goodness, I was the one who introduced JW to these herbs, what have I encouraged my friend to get involved with?” Fortunately, that was a fleeting thought.

I also felt empathy and compassion for JW because he was in so much pain, and I understood why he wanted prescription pain killers. But one thing I knew for certain – taking pain killers was only going to do harm, not good. I knew that if JW took pain killers, this would obstruct the herb program. I’m not sure how I knew this with such conviction, but there was no question in my mind that pain killers were not an option, and that if JW were to take them, it would be as if he were reverting back to the same toxic lifestyle that, in my opinion, played a huge part in him contracting cancer – a lifestyle of poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, toxic medications.

Was there any doubt in your mind that the herbs are dangerous, not effective or did you feel it would work out well somehow?

Dr. Gelb: It never entered my mind that the herbs were dangerous, I just didn’t think they were working, nor did I have any idea whether they would work for JW. So I just allowed myself to feel the emotions I mentioned above, after which I was able to accept what was happening – this didn’t mean I was giving up, or that I liked what was happening, but the acceptance allowed me to be in the moment and do what I needed to do – help JW stay on track by preparing the herbs and meals for him, since he was in no shape to do so.

Experience of AZ from Medan, Indonesia

Az-M380 is a 52-year-old female from Indonesia. About seven years ago (in 2001) she detected a lump in her left breast. She refused medical treatment and opted for jamu instead. Az told us that she refused to seek further medical treatment … due to the side effects.

Az heard about us and decided to fly to Penang to seek our help on 6 June 2008 and was prescribed Caspsule A, Breast L Tea, Breast M Tea, Bone Tea, Pain Tea and Upper Edema Tea.

After five days on these herbs, Az and her husband reported the following:

1) She started taking the herbs on Friday evening. The next two days – Saturday and Sunday, she suffered the most severe pains in her entire life. She thought she would die and requested her husband to bring her home to Medan.

2) Az persisted in taking the herbs. The pains subsided and after five days, 80% of the pains were gone. The pulling pains in the collarbone which she suffered earlier were also gone.

3) Her swollen left arm became softer.

4) There was less pain in her right thigh.

Az suffered a healing crisis after taking the herbs. Many patients would have cursed Chris Teo for this suffering. Patients should learn from Az’s experience. Below are excerpts of our conversation about the healing crisis that Az had gone through. This was recorded on 11 June 2008, five days after she started taking the herbs.

Chris: Did you take the herbs after seeing me last Friday?

Az: Yes – for five days now. Oh, I suffered so much pain after I started taking the herbs.

Husband: Since 2001 up to this day, my wife suffered the most severe pain in her entire life during the past few days.

Az: The pains were so severe that I was not able to sleep.

Husband: I too was unable to sleep because of that. She was so restless – moved here and there. She had to put her hands against the wall and she wanted me to bring her home to Medan that very night.

Az: I told my husband that I might die here that night.

Chris: Very good, very good. If you take the herbs and you did not suffer such “healing crisis” then the herbs are not doing anything to you. They are not effective! So I am glad to hear this! Good for you. Okay, tell us what happened. On the first day, did you suffer any pain?

Az: On the first day – a few hours after I took the herbs, I started to feel the pains. Then the pains continued to the second day. On the third day the pains were just as severe. But on the fourth day the pains was less.

Chris: Good. After taking the herbs, generally you would suffer pains. These pains become more severe. Then after a few days, the pains gradually decrease. So, tell us when was the most painful experience after taking the herbs?

Az: I took the herbs on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday the pains were really severe. By Monday the pains had decreased.

Husband: The pains started in the left collarbone area, than they moved down to the left breast and then the whole left arm. We could not even touch her arm. It was so painful.

Az: I really do not know how to describe such pains.

Chris: While suffering such pains, did you ever feel of wanting to throw away the herbs and give up? You have lost confidence in the herbs?

Az: No! I told my husband that this could be the reaction from the herbs. I would continue taking the herbs.

Chris: Did you stop taking the herbs during those five days?

Az: No, I continued taking them.

Husband: I told her. Continue taking the herbs. Believe in the herbs! We have been to so many other alternative healers and we believe that the “real” doctor is here.

Chris: (Checking through her medical history). Oh, you have gone to so many alternative healers before. Let me ask you – after receiving their treatments, did you ever experience such pains or healing crisis like you had just experienced in the past few days?

Az and husband: No, no – never!

Husband: As I have said earlier, since 2001 – when she first had this problem, she had never suffered such severe pains before. The pains on that Friday night were the start of the Mother of all Pains.

Az: I had never suffered such pains before.

Chris: Most patients would have given up or stop taking the herbs after such pains.

Az and Husband: No, no, we did not do that.

Chris: Yes, I would predict that such reaction would happen to you. Today is the fifth day – have the pains become much less?

Az: Yes, very much less. If Friday was a 100 point, today it is only 20 points.

Chris: I am predicting that in the next few days you would be much better and you will suffer much less pains.

Husband: Tomorrow we plan to return to Medan.

Chris: Okay, after all that experience, do you still believe in the herbs?

Az: Yes!