CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

Endometriotic Cyst Disappeared


Choo/b750 is a 35-year-old lady. She suffered from endometriosis. On 15 October 2001, Choo underwent an operation to remove the cyst in her right ovary. According to the gynaecologist, the cyst was then adherent to the uterus and the right broad liagament. The rectum was also densely adherent to the uterus.

After the surgery, Choo was put on Dimetriose and Norethisterone for six months. Her menses stopped for about nine months, only to commence in June 2002. Her periods subsequently became rather heavy with some clots. Choo also experienced pains.

An ultrasound done on 27 December 2002 (i.e. about a year after surgery) showed a small cyst within the right adnexa. This measured 11.7 x 11.3 mm. The doctor prescribed her painkillers. Then the doctor wanted Choo to take injections to stop the menses again. Choo did not want to follow through with the doctor’s advice.

Choo came to see us on 5 January 2003 and presented her condition as follows.

1.      Her menses was regular.

2.      She had pains during her periods.

3.      There were dark brown clots in the blood.

4.      She suffered PMS, i.e. before her periods she felt bloated, her breasts were painful and she had mood swings.

We prescribed GY5 and GY 6, each herb to be taken daily.

About three months on the herbs, Choo and her husband came to see us on 13 April 2003 and informed us that her doctor did an ultrasound on her on 8 April 2003 and indicated NO cyst was detected.

In addition, Choo told us that she felt much better now.

1.      Her menses remained regular.

2.      There were only slight pains during her periods unlike before.

3.      The clot in the blood was much less.

4.      The blood was not dark anymore.

5.      Her PMS was gone – no mood swing, no bloatedness.

Comments: I remember a lady who came to see us about her fibroid problem. When she told her doctor that she was taking herbs, she was given a good shelling for indulging in an unproventherapy! Indeed, for many people it is unbelievable that herbs can do wonders for many conditions including the disappearance of fibroids and cysts.

But to us at CA Care, such wonderful effects of herbs come with no surprise at all because we have been seeing these happening over and over again. And for many times we have demonstrated that the knife and hormone pills may not be the answer to certain problems of cysts, fibroids and endometriosis.