CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

Doctor’s Prognosis of Doom

Herbs Made Him Live


Eddy from Indonesia came to our centre on 18 June 2007. He brought his father-in-law who suffered from lymphoma to see us. This was Eddy’s second visit here. His first visit was on 22 April 2005 when he came with a colleague to seek our help regarding his colleague’s father, Sugi, who had lung cancer.

During this June 2007 visit, I enquired from Eddy about Sugi’s health – is he still alive? The answer was: Sure, he is doing well I was indeed surprised and was really happy with this wonderful news. I searched out Sugi’s file to write this almost forgotten story.

Sugi (not real name) is a non-smoker. He was 67 years old in August 2003, when he suffered from sores in his mouth and had jaundice. He went to see a doctor who did a CT scan and found cancer in his lungs. The doctor told Sugi that he only had six months to live, in spite of the fact that Sugi appeared healthy. Someone told Sugi about CA Care and he decided to take our herbs: Capsule A, Lung 1 and Lung 2 teas. Sugi took the herbs for eight months but his jaundice still persisted. He lost faith in our therapy and decided to take herbs from other sources. But Sugi did not receive any medical treatment.

On 22 April 2005, Sugi’s son came to Penang and seek our help. He told us that Sugi went to see a doctor again two weeks before this visit and the doctor again told Sugi that he only had four months to live. Sugi’s son said: “In the first visit to the doctor, my father was told that he only had six months to live and now it has been two years and he is still alive. Last two weeks, the doctor told my father he only had four months to live. The doctor suggested that my father do an operation to remove the tumours but my father refused.”

After updating Sugi’s condition, we suggested that Sugi take Capsule A, Lung 1 and Lung 2, C-tea, T & E, and S & M teas.

On 1 July 2005, we received an e-mail from Sugi’s son with the following message:

“After visiting you last April 2005, I would like to share with you about my dad’s lung cancer. My dad has been recovering significantly in terms of increased weight (from 54 kg to 61 kg). Visually he looked better and he felt better too. I sincerely thank you and appreciate all your kind advices and herbs.”

I e-mailed Sugi’s son requesting for an update of his father’s health. On 2 July 2007, I received his reply (original text in Bahasa Indonesia).

Hello, Dr. Chris,

It has been a long time since I last wrote you about my father’s condition. We are indeed grateful to the Almighty God for through Dr. Chris’s hands, that my father is able to remain alive up to this day. Currently, my father is able to do what he wanted to do as a normal person.

Let me answer your questions: a) How is your father’s health currently? Can eat? Can sleep? Can move without any problems?

My father’s health, based on visual appearance is very good. His appetite is very good and he is still observing the diet restriction as written by Dr. Chris in his book: Food & Cancer. Every morning, my father walks for three km to keep fit. He sleeps very well. He is mobile without any problem.

b) After you and Eddy came to see me in Penang until now, has your father ever gone to see any doctor?

My father went to see his doctor only once. He received an injection to increase his immunity. After that, my father has been receiving this injection every month. This therapy seems to be good but I don’t know about its effect on his cancer.

c) Was your father on any other herbs besides our CA Care herbs?

He was on your herbs only. But since the past three months, my father stopped taking your herbs. I guessed he was bored with the herbs.


This is one case which almost slipped out of our records. Sugi come from Central Java and when he started taking herbs he did not come to see us personally. So there was not much communication between us. It was unfortunate that in the first instance his jaundice did not go away after taking the herbs. The reason is obvious – he was not given any Jaundice Tea to take. Our experience shows that Jaundice Heat or Jaundice Cold tea, is effective for such condition. Though Sugi suffered from jaundice, it was surprising that the doctor indicated that his liver was in good health.

This story highlighted one sad aspect about scientific medicine. When patients are diagnosed with lung cancer (or for that matter any cancer), some doctors invariable try to play God and give their prognosis. “You have three months to live” or “You have six months to live.” Such comment is indeed very destructive. I wonder what purpose such negative comment serves. Is this a way of putting “fear and terror” into patients? When patients are reduced to a state of “helplessness and hopelessness” they become more compliant with whatever treatments suggested. To the doctors, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are the only ways to deal with cancer – other ways are “hocus pocus” and unproven.

Unfortunately this story proves otherwise. Without these evasive treatments, Sugi was and is better off. He maintained his good health and well-being – physically, emotionally and financially. It has been almost four years since Sugi was diagnosed with lung cancer. Let us pray that Sugi will continue to live many more years to come. Sugi’s success defies medical logic, if you believe that there is such a thing as logic!