CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

Colon-Liver: Story of Goh

Goh,73 year-old male, was diagnosed with colon cancer. He opted for alternative healing instead of an operation. With the help of his son, he changed to a totally raw, vegetarian diet. After two months, the tumours in the colon mysteriously disappeared. The doctor took numerous X-rays on him and was baffled as to what had happened. Believing that he was cured, Goh went back to his old ways and diet! Within two months, the cancer came back. This time he was in severe pains. Besides, the cancer had spread to his liver. He was in so much agony that the family had to send him to the hospital. At first, the doctor was reluctant to admit him and scolded his son for “trying to be too clever.”

Medically there was nothing anybody could do for him, except to give him painkillers. He was the worst of patients in the hospital’s cancer ward. When the specialist came on ward rounds, he would refuse to see Goh, because according to the specialist Goh’s liver did not function anymore! His stomach was bloated and his legs swelled and the rest of him was reduced to skin and bones. His condition was beyond imagination. He was unable to walk, even for a short distance to the toilet, and could barely talk. After almost three months, he was brought home because according to his family “if he has to die, let him die at home.” Except for one son, the rest of the family members gave him up for dead. They said: “There is no need to give him anything — why waste the money, there is no chance, no hope anymore.”



Around Goh’s 73th birthday, the family made him a coat. Actually, that coat was intended for his anticipated funeral. Goh himself gave up, refusing to take any medication — he was ready to die. Fortunately, one of his sons refused to accept defeat. He came to CA Care and asked for herbs. Goh was prescribed many herbs but he only agreed to take the Abdominal Distension tea, refusing the AB, Liver-P etc. After two weeks, the swelling subsided and the healing started! As Goh gained confidence, he started to take other prescribed herbs. Soon, all the pains were gone and he regained his health.

I met Goh and his son for the first time on 9 October 2000, at a hotel while on a visit to his home state. We had a chat and did a video interview. Goh told me that he was healthier than before he had cancer. He wakes up around 4 a.m. everyday and walks about four to five kilometres to the market to buy his daily food supplies. He comes home and eats raw potato leaves. He takes his juices. He refuses to eat any meat even though his qi-kung master encourages him “to eat some meat for strength.” He does not feel that he has lost any strength and can climb the hills like anyone else.

A lesson to learn from this episode – “Don’t ever give up, even if your doctors have given up on you!”