CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

Colon-Liver: Fourteen Years On The Herbs

Koh/342, was 75-year-old when she was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1997. She underwent an operation. An ultrasound done on 15 July 1997 indicated ill defined masses in the right lobe of the liver. The left lobe appear spared but slight dilatation of the ducts are seen. Conclusion: liver metastasis.

Due to her age, she did not undergo any further medical treatment. Her daughter came to seek our help on 25 July 1997. Koh was started on Capsule A & B and Liver Tea. Her conditions improved. Her pains disappeared. She was able to eat and sleep well. She was able to lead a normal life and could even go marketing every morning.

Seven weeks on the herbs, the daughter told us that a medical checkup showed her condition had stablised. Her doctor told the family: Continue taking the herbs!

On 8 October 1997, Koh’s daughter told us that according to the doctor, the liver nodules had shrunk. Their sizes had become smaller.

On 6 June 2003, the daughter came to collect herbs for her mother. Koh was in good health. This means Koh has lived for already six years.

On 25 March 2011, Koh’s daughter came to collect herbs for her mother. We had a rare opportunity to chat with her. Below is the video recording on that day.


According to medical literature, up to 70% of patients with colorectal cancer would eventually end up with metastasis to the liver. Unfortunately, chemotherapy does not cure metastatic liver cancer. In general, the mean survival for patients with minimal disease is 16 months, while those with advanced disease it is 3 months. Generally patients who come to us are often told by their doctors that they have only 6 months to live.

In this case, Koh is still healthy for her age. And she is about to celebrate her 90th birthday. It was 14 years ago that she was diagnosed with metastatic liver cancer. She was only on herbs, no medical treatment at all. Indeed this is an unexpected and unbelievable but true story.

In CA Care we often see miraculous cases like this do happen. In fact is this kind of story that makes us “tick” and encourage us to want to continue our work so that many more can also be equally blessed.

Unfortunately we cannot give you more details about this case. This happened 14 years ago and at that time, we just started CA Care. We made no video recording of patient who came to see us, unlike what we are doing today.

There are many factors that contribute to the success of this case.

One, Koh is indeed very lucky to be at 75 years old when she had cancer. Her doctor had the good sense to think that chemotherapy was not going to help her. The scenario would have been different if she was younger. No one is going to take chances! And most probably she might or might not survive the treatment. There is always this rationale – You are young, give yourself a chance and fight your cancer with chemo. In this case, not only the doctor but all family members did not have that will to fight. It turned out to be a blessing for Koh.

Two, there are two kinds of doctors. One kind would take the heroic task of trying to solve problems even if the problem is unsolvable. Fight and fight – change one drug to another, and see what the outcome is. The war only stops when the patient dies. Another kind of doctor is one who sees the bigger picture. For this I must admire Dr. Jerome Groopman, professor and oncologist at Harvard School of Medicine. For this wise professor, pressing for a solution when none is apparent can be the worst course of action – “Picking up a scalpel and cutting can be just the wrong thing” when you don’t see the whole picture. Groopman wrote: “Don’t just do something, stand there” as he counsels against the impulse to jump in and do things.

In another story, a son brought his 85-year old mother, who had breast-liver cancer, to an oncologist. After taking the drugs, she became severely breathless and fainted. She had to be rushed to a hospital for emergency care. Read more here:

Three, a nurse told Koh and her family members about CA Care. They believed what they heard! What could have happened if they had just brushed it off (like many do) as hocus pocus?

A lesson to learn from this story: Don’t ever think that the cancer is going to be “cured”, that is to say, permanently eliminated. Doctors normally define “cure” as living past 5 years. This is not cure in its true sense. Koh tried not to take the herbs when she became well. The cancer started to come back. In this instance, it was lucky that she came back to us and started to take the herbs again. Things like this happen often. When patients get well they forget all that we taught them! And the cancer came back.

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