CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

Strong Faith in God Brings Peace of Mind


On 25 April 2012, I had the privilege to meet GS. He had colon cancer that had spread to his liver. Seven of 12 lymph nodes were also affected.  His problem started when he passed out loose stools with blood, otherwise his health was fine.

A colonoscopy confirmed a tumour in his sigmoid colon. Subsequently GS underwent a surgery. This operation cost him RM 27,000. After surgery he was told that his cancer had spread to his liver – making it a Stage 4, or terminal. Nevertheless GS was asked to undergo chemotherapy, which was to cost him about RM 60,000.

Did you ask your doctor: If I were to undergo chemotherapy, can this cure me? Of course chemotherapy would not cure. Without chemotherapy, GS was told that he had only 6 to 8 months to live. GS decided not to undergo chemotherapy. He came to seek our help instead and was started on Capsule A+ B, LL tea, GI 1, GI 2 and Liver 1 and Liver 2 teas.

Why did he not want to undergo further medical treatment?  He said, “The doctor said this is serious case – fourth stage cancer because it has spread to the liver. But deep in my heart, I said – because I am a Christian – I reject it in the name of Jesus. After that my confidence level remained as normal … I just take it as it is. My fate is in the hands of the Lord. That is it, as simple as that. Even when I went for the operation, everything went on smoothly – 2 days in the ICU, 8 days in the normal ward. On the fifth day they remove my drip. I really thank my God for giving me His hand of healing.”

With full trust in his Lord, GS felt at peace.  He did not worry any more.  Soon after his surgery he came to seek our help and turned down chemotherapy.  Since then GS has been consistent in taking our herbs and he changed his lifestyle and diet. He had no problem. However, he realized that our herbs would not cure him but he was and is contented and happy.

His blood test done on 15 November 2011 and 2 March 2012 showed a slight increase in his tumour markers. In spite of that GS took it calmly – he was aware of his condition. After all, his doctor said he would only last 8 months at most, and GS had already survived 7 months and he is still doing fine – leading a normal life.  His strong faith in God had given him peace of mind.

15 November 2011

2 March 2012













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I often tell patients this:  Believe in the diagnosis but don’t believe in your doctor’s prognosis! Indeed after performing a scan and biopsy and if you were told that it was cancerous, by all means go for a second opinion, but don’t try to deny the diagnosis. Cancer is common these days and most probably what your doctor told you is correct. Some patients go into a self-denial mode and do all sorts of things trying not to “believe” the diagnosis.  However, since doctors are not gods, don’t believe their prognosis. How long you live or when you die is not for your doctor to determine.  Based on experience or research results we may be able to predict the ultimate outcome but it is not necessarily true. You may beat the odd if you do things right.

In my conversation with GS,  I have pointed out what happened to some of our patients.  There was this lorry driver in Kuala Lumpur. He had colon-liver cancer. Without chemo, his doctor said he had only 6 months. He did not have the money to pay for his treatment and came to us for help. He survived for more than 3 years and then died. But he died due to his own foolishness. I was in Kuala Lumpur at that time and saw him. I asked him what he did wrong. His reply, “During the Chinese New Year I ate fried chicken.”  He suffered severe pains and his stomach bloated. Since he came to us he did not take such “forbidden” food – why now? Perhaps he was tired and bored of living?

There was a 49-year-old lady in Penang. She was diagnosed with terminal stage liver cancer. The tumour in her liver was 8.7 x 6.6 x 10.0 cm in size. The doctor in the general hospital sent her home – there was no treatment.  This lady came to seek out help and took our herbs. After 5 years, she is still alive.

At CA Care we see enough of doctor’s prognosis gone wrong! So, don’t believe your doctors if they say you are going to die soon. Indeed, a person who understands healing would refrain from “playing” God. Such words do great harm to patients.

I have an opportunity to share some thoughts with GS about cancer and life.

  • There is no cure for cancer

As much as anyone wants to say that you do this or you do that you can cure cancer, our 16 years dealing with cancer tells me that there is no cure for metastatic cancer. Cure means total elimination of the disease, not just surviving for 5 years as defined by your doctors. Amy Soscia (deceased) aptly put it this way:

Many patients come to CA Care wanting to find the “magic bullet” for cancer. There is none. What is even more unrealistic is that most of the patients who came to us have undergone all the possible medical treatments and failed. Yet when they came to us, they expected us to “cure” them. “I am not god” is my answer to such people.  However, that does not mean that I cannot help them – yes, we can within our humanly limit.

  • Accept your reality

Accept the reality that cancer is now a common disease.  Many patients who came to us have spent thousands and thousands of dollars to find a cure for their cancer in modern medicine. At the end, many were let down – desperate and felt helpless. Besides they found a “big hole” in their pockets or bank account.  Ask your oncologist before undergoing your cancer treatment: Can you cure me? See what answer you get.  You may get these responses: The treatment can prolong you life.  Oh, it will stop the cancer from spreading. Cure – no guarantee! Also ask, What are the side effects? Unfortunately some of the answers given are misleading and less than truthful.



  • Are you happy being on our Therapy? Did you benefit from our herbs?

No, we are not going to be able to cure GS of his cancer. But the more important question to ask is, Is he happy with what he is doing? If our herbs help him, be grateful. Praise God for this blessing.  At CA Care we teach you to live with your cancer, not to fight your cancer.

GS benefited from our therapy. Since coming to us he did not have to take medications for his high blood pressure and also uric acid. He lives a normal, happy, pain-free life. What more can anyone ask for? Be grateful for what you have and what you all. Most people forget this.  They want a complete cure – being able to go back to their old ways of life and anything short of this will not make satisfy them.

  • Death is the Ultimate Healing
Let me end with this message to all cancer patients: