CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

Cervical Cancer: You Can Give Me Anything

Except Chemo or Radiotherapy


Yin was diagnosed with cancer of the cervix in 1999. This was followed by an operation. Since everything was clean, no further treatment was indicated. Barely four years later, in August 2003,Yin suffered severe pains in her backbone. A bone scan indicated metastasis, involving the left scapula and T10 vertebra. An MRI of the spine indicated compression fracture of T8 and T9 and mild bulges of L3/4, L4/5 and L5/S1 discs.  The CT scan indicated a small right thyroid nodule and bilateral pleural effusion (fluid in both lungs).

Yin was 67 years old when she suffered this recurrence. Consultation with three oncologists in Kuala Lumpur yielded the same opinion – Go for chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  However, the treatment would be only palliative. It would not cure her. At best it was only to promote her quality of life. The prognosis by these cancer experts was six months to live! Yin said she would rather die than undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She had seen how two of her brothers suffered and died while undergoing these treatments.

Yin’s son decided to bring her mother to see us on 23 September 2003. Yin was started on Capsule A, Cervical Tea, Utero-ovary Tea, Bone Tea, Lung Tea and C-Tea. Within six months after taking these herbs, Yin’s life was restored to normalcy and she was free of pains.

On 28 November 2006, i.e., more than three years after her visit to us, we had the opportunity to talk with Yin. She presented as a happy, pleasant and simple-minded lady. She had since put on weight and looked very healthy.

Q: Aunty, how are you now? We met before in Penang!

A: Yes. It’s been a long time since I saw you. Nowadays, I am quite busy looking after my grandchildren. I am very well – no difficulties.  I can do normal things and have no problems.   Once in a while I have a little headache or a low fever, but they are nothing much.  I can eat well. I eat rice and noodles.  I do not eat outside food.  Whenever I am free, I play mahjong. After I send my grandchildren to school, I would go walking around and do some exercises.

Q:  How were you before you started on the herbs?

A:  I had backache. I couldn’t walk, eat or sleep. I couldn’t get up or stand up.  Whenever I lie down, I couldn’t get up by myself.  I needed someone to help me get up.  When I went to Penang, I had to have someone to hold and guide me along. It was a really difficult time for me.  But after taking the herbs, all my difficulties disappeared.

Q: Can you tell us what happened from the beginning?

Son:  In 1999, she was diagnosed with cancer of the cervix. She had an operation but no chemotherapy or radiotherapy. She was not given any drugs either.  She was given a clean bill by the surgeon who operated on her.  But four years later, in 2003 – she had back pains.  The pains persisted even after her seeing two or three GPs. Then I sent her back to see the surgeon who did a thorough check-up on her. At the nuclear centre, they did a bone scan and found growth at the 8th and 9th vertebrae.  Her left shoulder and her lung were also affected.  Then I went to see the oncologists, one after another. All the three top oncologists in Kuala Lumpur recommended the same thing. The first oncologist wanted to do radiotherapy and chemotherapy. I went for a second opinion – the second oncologist also said the same thing after seeing the report – chemotherapy and radiotherapy! The third oncologist, my old friend, also said the same thing – radiation and chemotherapy.  I went home and told my mother about this. She replied: No, I will take anything except radiation and chemotherapy.

Q: Why did you refuse to go for chemotherapy and radiotherapy? 

A:  I was afraid.  I have seen people losing their hair.  My elder brother and my second brother had liver cancer.  They went for radiotherapy and chemotherapy.  They could not walk nor eat.  Then their hair started to drop until they were bald.  Despite the treatment, they also suffered and were in pain. They died later. So, when my son told me I had to go for chemotherapy and radiatherapy, I said I did not want the treatments.

Son:  So the only person I could think of was you, Dr. Teo.

Q: (To son) If she had agreed to chemotherapy and radiotherapy, would you have allowed that?

Son: All three oncologists talked the same language.  The treatment of this disease, they told me, was about preserving quality of life – to reduce suffering and pain. The oncologist said: Her bones and lungs are affected – and her ovary too. In the treatment of cancer, we talk about quality of life, to reduce the suffering. My mother was then 67 years old.  These doctors thought she could go through all these treatments. They said what choice have I got?  They never use the word cure. I told the oncologist: Thank you very much. One of the oncologists was my friend.  Although I was expected to spend about RM100,000 or so, I would not know whether she would have any chance of a cure or not.

Q: They just talked about six months of quality life?

Son: Yeah, six months or a year.  Nobody knew.

Q: What did you think of the oncologists’ opinion?

Son:  No difference between them. From what they told me, I felt that basically, that was the end of my mother’s time already.

Q: (To the son) When you brought your mother to see us, what other choice did you have?

Son:  No choice, actually.  Let me tell you one incident. Sometime in 2005, she fell sick.  I asked my brother and sister to bring her to a specialist who had operated on her earlier.  I suspected she had a viral infection.  I was having a meeting in the office when I got a phone call from my brother who said that the doctor had scolded them: Your mother is sick you know.  How is it that since 1999 until now you have not brought her here for treatment? He scolded them.  I called him and said,Doc, give me ten minutes and I will be there. Ten minutes later, I was there in his office.  I explained what had happened since 1999, the recurrence that occurred in 2003 and what the three oncologists had said to me, etc.  After all these, I told him: I went to see Prof. Chris Teo. I told him again that my mother had not gone for radiotherapy or chemotherapy and that she was taking herbs from CA Care, and today, she is still alive.  She is still here.  Immediately he said: Okay, I understand! 

Q:  (To son) You came here and she was started on the herbs?

A:  On Thursday (September 2003) I drove my mother to see you in Penang. During the journey, I had to stop every half an hour on the road because she was in pain. She needed to change her sitting position. 

Q: Aunty, how was it for you after you started taking the herbs?

A:  After I took the herbs for about one month, I could get up slowly and sit by myself. Before that, I could not sit up at all. I needed to recline all he time, supported by a pillow.  The pain also slowly reduced after I took the herbs. I became more alert, bit by bit.  After about three months, I became quite well. I could walk around and bathe myself. Before that my daughter or daughter-in-law had to bathe me.  I could not even stand up. By the third month, I could do all these things by myself.  I could get up myself.  Before that, someone had to prop me up.  And I would walk very, very slowly. At the time when I went to Penang to see you I was in great pain.  It was very difficult for me even to sit.

Q: At that time, were you on any medication?

Son: Bonefos and pain killers.  And worse come to the worse, we had to give her the morphine tablets.  And at the same time the doctors recommended radiation and chemotherapy.

A:  When I took the doctor’s medicine, the pain lessened.  But after a while, the pain came back again.  After starting on the herbs, the pain slowly lessened. I continued with the pain tea for about five to six months and the pains disappeared completely.  And since then, there is no more pain. Now I can sleep on my bed – lie flat on my back.  Before that I had to sleep on a deck chair (lazy chair) for months.  Now, I can sleep straight and in any position I like.  With your herbs, I have no more problems.

Q: Aunty, when you were in pain, what were your thoughts?  Were you afraid?

A: Yes, I was afraid.  It was so painful, I wished I were dead.  If I die, there would be no more pain. I preferred to die.  It was really painful.

Q:  Was the pain there all the time? Or was there pain only when you moved?

A:  Day and night – there was pain whether or not I lay down. It was a pulling kind of pain. And there was so much pain that I could not stand it anymore.  I preferred to die.

Update: It is with sadness to know that Yin died in 2011 because of a heart attack and not because of her cancer.  She had been taking the herbs for EIGHT years.