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Brain-Lung Cancer: No chemo or radiation for me


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Effectiveness of Cancer Medical Treament


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Illusion they believe they can be cured


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Common Sense and Cancer Treatment


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Reality of Present Day Cancer Treatment

Flawed Concept & Approach

1 Wrong-battle-wrong-weapons

2  War-on-Cancer-wrong-concept

3 Cannot-kill-all-cells

4 Strategyinfectious-disea

Disappointing Outcome


6 War-that-no-body-wins

7 Weil Never-ending-struggle

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Fatally Flawed – A Doctor’s View

By Yeong Sek Yee and Khadijah Shaari

Is conventional cancer treatment really fatally flawed? This seems to be the opinion of Dr Margaret I. Cuomo, MD who wrote the article “Why Cancer treatment is Fatally Flawed” (Copy of article attached or view article at the following link):

Curious to find out more, we subsequently bought the book, “A WORLD WITHOUT CANCER” by Dr Margaret Cuomo, a board – certified radiologist (more details at the end of this article).

World wiithout cancer2

We ...

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Quotes from: Killing Cancer Not People


Killing Cancer Not People

Author:  Robert G. Wright founded the American Anti-Cancer Institute in 2008 after 25 years of private study.  He previously had careers in aerospace and business before founding the Institute.

Bill Henderson, in the Foreword, wrote:

  • In my 12 years of helping cancer patients heal themselves, I become more convinced everyday that there is only one reason people die of cancer. It is lack of information.  There is no more important message to learn ...
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Hunt For A Cure That Does Not Exist


Tag (not real name) was a 59-year-old man from Indonesia. In April 2011, he had coughs with itchy throat. He went to see his doctors and was give medication but these did not help. In August 2011, he came to Penang for further consultation.  A CT scan on 22 August 2011 showed an irregular mass (6.6 x 8.0 cm) in the upper left lung extending to the pulmonary hilum with left hilar and mediastinal adenopathy. He also complained of pain in the left pelvis. ...

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Radio & Chemo Recurrence, Avastin – Dead



It is indeed with a heavy heart that we have to write this story. However, let us pray that similar story like this does not have to be played out all too often in this world of medicine.  May you all find wisdom and learn from this sad experience.

In the month of May, I had this exchange of e-mails.

1 May 2013  Dear Dr. K.H. Teo,

Our family and I migrated to Australia 22 years ago ...

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What Now? Is there another option?


1 Title


Pt 1 Get The Best Of Both Worlds

Pt 2 Die of Cancer or Of Treatment

Pt 3 Overblown Statistics and Empty Promise

Pt 4 Doc, Give Me An Honest Answer

Pt 5 Beware Expensive ...

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Surviving Five Years Does Not Mean Cure


Patients are often told that if they can survive five years after their treatment, it means they are cured of their cancer! What an untruth! My Aunty had cervical cancer and she received all the necessary medical treatments. She survived thirteen years, then the cancer struck back and went to her lungs and she died.  Where then is the cure? One lady had breast cancer. She survived for some nine years and when she was about to attend the hospital ...

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My Advice to Cancer Patients


I know it is very confusing when people start giving you all kinds of “expert advices.” There would be well-meaning relatives and friends who come and give their opinions. I use to tell patients, Yesterday these people know nothing about cancer, but today they turn “experts” telling you what to do. Instant experts are just like instant noodle – are junks.

When I first started CA Care, I must admit I know nothing about cancer. My knowledge about cancer was “absolute ...

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