CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

Cancer – What Now?


Almost every day I receive e-mails from cancer patients or their loved ones seeking information on how to manage their cancer. There is no way I can answer such queries by writing e-mails. I need to write a book! So here it is Cancer – What Now?


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I have tried to answer in detail most of the questions that cancer patients are looking for – What to do after being diagnosed with cancer? or What do I do now that the treatments I have opted for failed? By writing these two books I have spent much time trying to address all your major concerns. It is now your turn to do something for yourself. Read and understand what I have written, that is if you want to know my views about cancer. With this background knowledge, I hope it will help you plot the next stage of your cancer journey.

Over the years, many cancer patients came to seek our help. They came with one main aim in mind – to find a cure for their cancer. Unfortunately I cannot offer a cure! If there is one message I can impart to all those who come, it is this: Cure for cancer is elusive – in fact, to me, based on patients’ experiences, I come to a conclusion that there is no such thing as a cure for cancer. I am sorry indeed for this disappointing message. But, that is the truth as I see it of now. I don’t want to dash your hope or dampen your spirit but I know that I am not being honest if I am not truthful with you. I would rather ask you to face reality from the very beginning and from there we begin to look for the silver lining together. Since this is an important subject and can be confusing, I have devoted an entire chapter explaining what I mean by no cure for cancer.

We all need to recognize that to heal cancer requires change and sacrifice. You need to change your mental attitude, your lifestyle and your diet. To change requires you, the patient, to be sincere and humble and not putting on an air of a mighty conqueror. You don’t fight your cancer. You learn how to live with it. Sometimes you may need to go against the current stream of scientific thinking. Perhaps in cancer, the saying: Only dead fish flows with the stream is probably right. If you are prepared to do things out of the norm, you may be surprised that your fate may turn out differently. Over the years, I have helped many patients who were told they have three to six months to live but they go on to live for many more years without problem. You can read about these success stories in our website: