CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

Common Sense and Cancer Treatment


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Commonsense and Chemo-drugs


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CA Care Therapy for Metastatic Colon-Liver Cancer


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CA Care Therapy for Colon Cancer



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Herbs Helped Cancer Patients


Presentation at Singapore General Hospital, June 1999



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Menstrual Pain and Bleeding Gone After Herbs


MM is a 45-year-old housewife. She came to seek our help on 25 January 2013 regarding her recurrent menstrual pain and bleeding. In fact a week earlier she had been hospitalized for this problem.  Listen to her story.

  • Since 14 years old, MM suffered menstrual pain with blood clot. In our Oriental culture, problem like this is not something that family members would talk about! Furthermore, pain during menses is considered ...
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    My 6.9 cm Ovarian Cyst Disappeared !



    Chris (C):  When did you have the cyst?

    Anita (A):  It was in July, 2003.

    C: There’s a cyst in the left ovary?

    A: Yes, left ovary. It was 6.9 cm. The doctor asked me to go for an operation. But I said no.  I came here and took the herbs and it went down to 3.7 cm. That was three months later.

    C: How did you know it went down to 3.7 cm?

    A: I went to ...

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    Ovarian Cysts, Caesarean Birth, Cysts Disappeared!



    Nur is a 25-year-old Indonesian lady. She often suffered severe pains during her menses. She would break into cold sweat and sometime fainted due to the intense pains. An ultrasound indicated presence of cysts in both her ovaries. The one in the left was about 7.5 cm. The doctor also suspected endometriosis. As a result Nur was asked to undergo surgery. Without surgery, she was told that she would not ...

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    Ovarian Cysts Unable to Conceive



    This is the medical report written by a doctor of Chu Clinic for Women.

    Date: 5 November 2007

    This 31 years nullipara, married December 2006, was seen on 26 August 2007 for being unable to conceive.

    She is clinically well. Menstrual cycles are regular and not painful. A pelvic scan showed a normal sized uterus with bilateral ovarian cyst. The left cyst was clear and measured 39 x 27 mm. The right cyst ...

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    Endometriotic Cyst Disappeared


    Choo/b750 is a 35-year-old lady. She suffered from endometriosis. On 15 October 2001, Choo underwent an operation to remove the cyst in her right ovary. According to the gynaecologist, the cyst was then adherent to the uterus and the right broad liagament. The rectum was also densely adherent to the uterus.

    After the surgery, Choo was put on Dimetriose and Norethisterone for six months. Her menses stopped for about nine months, only to commence in June 2002. Her periods subsequently became rather heavy with some ...

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    No Periods For Thirteen Years!


    Vani/G58, is a 40-year-old lady who had a unique problem. At the age of 12, she had her periods only twice; then her periods became irregular. At the age of 28, her periods stopped totally until to the day when she came to see us.

    Vani is married since the past 7 years and is without any child. In 1955, the doctor indicated that she suffered from polycystic ovarian syndrome. She was put on hormone therapy to induce her menses. Initially ...

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    Fibroid and Ovarian Cyst Gone After Herbs


    Jane (not real name, H-237) was 43 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. Earlier Jane had undergone surgery to remove a small ovarian cyst. Unfortunately an ultrasound in August 2010 showed:

    • The uterus contains a 1.2 cm fibroid in the anterior wall.
    • A 3 cm thin walled cyst in the left ovary which appears benign.



    Jane was prescribed GY 5 and GY 6 herbal teas in ...

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    Our Cough Herbs Are Great!


    Today, at CA Care we have about 120 types of herbal teas to address the problems faced by cancer patients.

    When we first started CA Care in 1995, we have only two types of herbal formulation that we handed out to cancer patients – Capsule A and Capsule B. Soon we realized that we need to do more to address the various problems that cancer patients had, such as coughs, constipation, fluid retention, etc.

    I can still remember our frustrations when patients ...

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    The Spiritual Side of Healing Cancer


    To us, we believe that patients’ recovery and survival are more than just medical or herbal success. It is God’s grace.

    Science does not believe in the mind, hope, faith, spirit, and grace – for the basic reason that we are all supposed to be an equivalent to a super machine. What we cannot see, measure or analyze do not exist and do not count. Those who associate with them are thus branded unscientific or spiritual fanatics!

    We wish to view healing ...

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    Our Message For All Cancer Patients



    The last chapter of this book:  My Patients, My Teachers

    Human mind is so wrapped up by pride and prejudice
    that proof can rarely penetrate it ~ Dr. S.I. McMillen in None of These Diseases

    I have learnt many things from the hundreds of patients who come and see me. Each and every one of them will somehow bring me a lesson that I learn from – that is if I am willing enough to ...

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    Ben Died: My First Lesson from Heaven


    The first patient who took our herbs was Ben. He had colon cancer that had spread extensively to his liver. This happened way back in July 1995. Ben wrote, “There would be no medicine for me. I was advised to prepare my will as soon as possible. I was stunned for a moment. My wife, Cindy and I broke down. I thought I am going to die.“

    Ben underwent palliative chemotherapy and at the ...

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    Healing Takes Time


    Cancer does not strike like a thunderbolt. In the book, What You Really Need to Know about Cancer,Dr. Robert Buckman estimated that it takes about two and a half years for a simple cancer call to grow into a lump, the size of a small grape which is visible to the naked eye. If it takes that much time for a lump to form, it is logical to expect that it may take that much time for the lump to regress ...

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    Don’t Be Complacent


    We rejoice with patients when they get well. We hope they continue to get well. However, we would like to remind those involved – please don’t be complacent. The cancer may come back. If you think you are done with cancer – remember cancer may not be done with you yet. As such as we advise you to relax and be positive, we also hope that your healing experience has changed your lifestyle and attitude towards life permanently and positively.

    Often ...

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    Listen to Your Body

    A 43-year old lady had constipation problem. She went to the hospital. The doctor did an operation on her and discovered that cancerous tumours had invaded the ovaries, pelvic cavity, omentum, part of the colon and the surface of liver.  This was classified as Stage 4 (T3bNxM1) cancer.

    Can cancer just appear like that? It is not likely. Perhaps there are early signals or signs that were being presented years before – could you recognise these signals? Do you ...

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    Reality of Present Day Cancer Treatment

    Flawed Concept & Approach

    1 Wrong-battle-wrong-weapons

    2  War-on-Cancer-wrong-concept

    3 Cannot-kill-all-cells

    4 Strategyinfectious-disea

    Disappointing Outcome


    6 War-that-no-body-wins

    7 Weil Never-ending-struggle

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