CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

She Died

Eight Months After Extensive Liver Surgery



Doris was a 46-year old lady. Sometime in December 2000 she experienced an excruciating pain in the right shoulder. The pain persisted and a full medical check up indicated serum alpha fetoprotein at 171. A CT scan showed a huge mass in the liver. Doris was asked to go to Singapore for a liver surgery.

On 30 December 2000, 70% of her right liver was excised. Then, she underwent chemotherapy in ...

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Cancer Recurred Three Months After Surgery


Suria was a 38-year old man from Indonesia. He came to Penang for his wife’s operation but instead found himself to be suffering from liver cancer. For the past 20 years he had gastric problems and since the last ten years he had blurry visions. His daily diet: ayam goreng (fried chicken)A CT scan of the liver dated 2 March 2001 indicated a lobulated mass seen in the left lobe of the left liver. This possibly represents ...

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Liver Cancer: 3 cm Tumour OUT, 8 cm Tumour IN

After 9 Months and S$28,000-Surgery

AS (S-357) is a 65-year-old Indonesian. He came to seek our help on 14 April 2013 after having undergone a failed liver surgery in Singapore.

His problem started in late December 2011 when AS felt gastric-like pain in the stomach. An ultrasound at a hospital in his hometown indicated a possibility of gallbladder infection.

Not satisfied, AS went to Jakarta and on 31 December 2011 underwent a cholecystectomy (surgery to remove gallbladder). During the operation, the surgeon also ...

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Surgery for Cancer


Surgery for Cancer

Richard Evans, one of the founders of the Texas Cancer Center wrote:

  • Over ninety percent of the patients who are cured of cancer made it because of surgery – and surgery alone.
  • Radiotherapy, chemotherapy … contributed little to the overall survival of patients with cancers.


Beware of Unwarranted Surgery!

Surgery can only cure early-stage cancer.

If the cancer has already spread, then cure by surgery is not possible.

The role of surgery in advanced-stage cancer is limited.

Dr. Andrew Weil (in Health ...

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Are Medical Bills Killing Patients?


Again please?

Medical bills are killing patients?

Yes, medical bills are killing you!

Do I hear it right?

Medical bills are killing you?

But I am sick! Should it not be the disease that is killing me?

You bet!

Times Magazine of 20 February 2013, carried a lengthy article by Steven Brill: Bitter Pill – Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us. I printed out this article – there are 46 pages in all!

You can read the original article here:

These are some ...

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Medical Imaging Procedures: Safe or Unsafe?

Yeong Sek Yee & Khadijah Shaari 

To understand more about the radiation risks from medical imaging, we recommend that you read the following articles posted in the Internet.  Just Google topics like the dangers of medical/diagnostic tests, etc, etc. There are plenty of materials to read. Here are some examples.

1.       Medical Radiation Soars, With Risks Often Overlooked

Radiation, like alcohol, is a double-edged sword. Radiation can reveal hidden problems, from broken bones and lung lesions to heart defects and tumors. But it also has ...

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Don’t put blind faith and trust in your doctor.

Be your own doctor first 


The above statement in not from CA Care! It is from Dr. Agus in his book below (pg. 66).

Dr. Agus is no ordinary cancer doctor. He is one of the world’s leading cancer doctors and pioneering biomedical researchers. He is professor of medicine and engineering at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine and Viterbi School of Engineering. His obtained his undergraduate degree from Princeton University and his ...

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Chemo Spreads and Makes Cancer More Aggressive

 Compiled by Yeong Sek Yee & Khadijah Shaari



1.   Perilous Approach: Avastin and Sutent Promote Growth of Breast Cancer Stem Cells

(Note: Many patients in Malaysia have been treated with this very expensive drug)

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently revoked approval of Avastin for treating breast cancer. The reversal was in response to clinical trials showing ...

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Die of Cancer But Don’t Die A Bankrupt!


It is bad enough to be diagnosed with a metastatic kidney cancer. The situation gets to be real grim when you are told that for this type of cancer there would be no cure. But how do you take it if on top if this you were told to take a drug that cost 100 million rupiah a month that would NOT cure you? And you were scolded for not wanting to take the medication! What can you do if ...

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An expensive and dangerous drug that does not cure


KC (E87) is a 50-year-old male. In late January 2013, he had breathing difficulties and had to be hospitalized.  There was fluid in his lung. Pleural tapping was done. KC’s health was restored after 10 days in the hospital where 4 litres of pleural fluid was tapped out.

A CT scan done on 21 February 2013 indicated the following:

  1. Multiple pulmonary nodules in both lower lobes. Right pleural effusion and enhancing right pleural nodules.
  2. Bilaateral heterogeneously enhancing renal masses in upper pole measuring ...
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The High Cost of Staying Alive in a Private Hospital


This case study consists of three parts.

Part 2: Eleven to Nineteen Drugs A Day Could Not Cure Her – Rather Die Than Suffer More   

Part 3:The Last Option: CA Care Therapy After Chemotherapy Had Failed

This is a tragic story of MS, a single, 41-year-old lady from Jakarta.

In early May 2012, MS felt uncomfortable in her abdomen. She felt something moving inside. She went to see an internist in Jakarta. A blood test showed elevated CA 125 – more than ...

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Strong Faith in God Brings Peace of Mind


On 25 April 2012, I had the privilege to meet GS. He had colon cancer that had spread to his liver. Seven of 12 lymph nodes were also affected.  His problem started when he passed out loose stools with blood, otherwise his health was fine.

A colonoscopy confirmed a tumour in his sigmoid colon. Subsequently GS underwent a surgery. This operation cost him RM 27,000. After surgery he was told that ...

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Herbs are Effective for Colon Cancer


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Brain-Lung Cancer: No chemo or radiation for me


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Effectiveness of Cancer Medical Treament


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Take Herbs While on Chemotherapy


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Herbs are good for liver cirrhosis


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Are Herbs Safe for Patients?


One patient with lymphoma wrote:

Jun 4, 2013
Dear Dr. Chris,
I feel better after taking your ovarium herbal, the bleeding has reduced significantly. Thank you! However, I want to ask, is there any side effect on my kidney by drinking the herbal, maybe the residual of herbal? Thank you.
Reply: Aya, why ask such question. You don’t die drinking my herbs. I have patients taking them for 16 years and they never ask such question.

Jun 4, 2013
He he, it’s ...

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The Hunt for the Elusive Magic Ingredient


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Illusion they believe they can be cured


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