CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

Ignoring Knowledge is Sickness

The problem with our society is that we enjoy being ignorant
~ Wilfred Gaban

Seek out information for yourself

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a first step. So seeking correct information is the essential first step towards helping yourself.

Dr. Ken Murray of the University of South California said: Poor knowledge and misguided expectations lead to a lot of bad decisions.

Dr. Barbara Joseph (in My Healing from Breast Cancer) wrote: We need to gather information at the ...

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Cancer – What Now?


Almost every day I receive e-mails from cancer patients or their loved ones seeking information on how to manage their cancer. There is no way I can answer such queries by writing e-mails. I need to write a book! So here it is Cancer – What Now?


What NOW Cover Front JPG


I have tried to answer in detail most of the questions that cancer patients are looking for – What to do ...

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Cancer – Is there another option?


The standard recipe of present day cancer treatments comes in different combinations of surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and oral drugs of some sort. This is sometimes referred to as slash, poison and burn method of treatment. Many people say the treatment is worse than the disease and many patients died because of the treatment rather than their cancer. Some authors even went to the extent of saying that present day cancer treatment with highly toxic drugs is crude and is probably ...

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Refined Sugar is Toxic

Refined Sugar is Toxic ~ Leighteon Steward et al.

Since talking or writing about food may take an eternity, let us confine this discussion as to why refined sugars are not good for cancer patients. We hope with this understanding you may appreciate why we, at CA Care, ask you to avoid them. Also we hope with this information you may be able to carry out an informed discussion with your doctors. We have already written a book,Food & Cancer, and ...

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Diet: Some Doctors’ Illogical Arguments



It is really “frustrating” to learn at times, that when you read what is being written about diet in the medical literature and what is being practised differ substantially. I wonder why truth is so elusive. Why can’t people come clean in what they say and do? Where is the so-called practice of “scientifically proven evidence-based medicine”? It is even more frustrating to learn that at times what an expert ...

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Leg Sensitivity & Stiff Neck Improved After e-Therapy

CR is a 73-year-old female from Indonesia. She is our breast cancer patient and has been taking our herbs for many months now. In late March 2012, she and her family returned to Penang for a routine check-up. Everything is alright. However, she has a long-standing problem. About three years ago, she underwent a surgery for hip and shoulder joint replacement. After this surgery she had the following problems:

1. Her left leg felt heavy when walking
2. There were pricking ...

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e-Therapy is Effective for Aches and Pains

The e-mails below do not need further comments from us. They speak for themselves!
11 October 2011

Dear Dr Teo,
I have been reading about this e-therapy on your blog and also receive some info about this from your good friend Hanafi.
I am very interested to try this machine and hope it can help me with the pain that I have been experiencing on my right shoulder and upper right arm. I only experience this pain when I am going ...

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Experiencing the e-Therapy: A Chat With My Buddy

He is my buddy. We spent our young days in the State of Kelantan and were classmates while in the Agriculture College in Serdang. In December 2010, my buddy and his family came to Penang for a visit. My buddy’s wife has a long standing problem with rheumatoid arthritis. While at the centre we put her on the e-Therapy. She felt good! That’s another story! My buddy also used the e-Therapy at home.

Listen to what he has got to say ...

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Should Cancer Patient Work Out?

by Khadijah Shaari

Exercise should be a regular part of a comprehensive care plan for all cancer patients regardless of age and physical ability. Anyone can exercise – all you have to do is to tailor your work out to your own ability and progress slowly step-by-step. Cancer patients can and should be encouraged to exercise the day they are diagnosed (for that matter, even before they get cancer!). The advice to get more rest is a myth, and is not ...

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How to Prepare Your Herbal Tea

Instructions and tips on how to prepare and take the herbal teas:

Tips for preparation:

1.        You will need a cooking pot (glass, clay or stainless steel) for preparation of tea. Choose one that is big enough to prevent boiling over.

2.        To save time spent in kitchen preparing the teas, you may boil more than one herbal tea at the same time. In this case you will need two or more pots and stoves. All teas must be boiled separately, strained and kept in ...

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