CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

Cancer of the Endometrium

No chemo you live only three months, with chemo two and a half years! With herbs she is still having fun after more than THREE years


Spring cleaning is a great Chinese tradition. I now understand its benefit.  I got caught up with this tradition in a half-hearted way on 18 January 2012 – just four days before the Year of the Dragon (2012) sets in.   Actually I was not “spring cleaning” at all. I just spent one morning clearing some of the untidy “old papers” left on my shelves – to be “recycled” at our centre.

To my surprise I “discovered” many things. And one of which are the faxes and medical reports that Ella wrote me four years ago. I knew I kept them somewhere. I have been hunting for them earlier but could not find them.  This morning I found them.  Because of this I can now relate to you Ella’s story with much confidence (I don’t do this with no evidence.)

27 November 2008: We received a three-page fax from Australia with the following message:

“Here are the results of the tests. I am going in for an operation tomorrow 28 November 2008. And looking forward to all this behind me. I will call as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your support and love. Good health and lots of laughter. Love, Ella.”

Her medical report indicated, “in the pelvis, the uterus is markedly enlarged with extensive hetergenous soft tissues measuring 7 x 10 cm in maximal diameters, entirely consistent with endometrial tumour. Conclusion: Intrauterine tumour. Poorly differentiated carcinoma favouring uterine origin. No evidence of tumour spread elsewhere.”

The doctor suggested that Ella undergo surgery as soon as possible. We concurred and urged Ella to go ahead as soon as she was ready for it.

12 December 2008: We received an eleven-page fax from Ella.

“Chris, here are the reports from the hospital. I hope it gives you a clearer picture of my condition. I look forward to receiving your herbs. And am doing all I can to return my body to wellness. Thanking you for all your help and God bless.”

19 November 2008:  Ella’s CA 125 was at 70 (High – below 45 is considered normal).

28 November 2008: Operative specimen: TAHBSO (total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy), omentum and left and right pelvic nodes.

Size: 75 x 65 mm  Conclusion: Extensively necrotic poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of the endometrium, consistent with Grade 3 endometrioid carcinoma with myoinvasion 11 of 14 mm and focal lymphovascular space involvement. No tumour identified in six right pelvic and five pelvic nodes.

Cytology report:  “Endometrial cancer. Peritoneal washings – no cytological evidence of malignancy.”

Ella was started on herbs right away – Capsule A, C-tea, Utero-ovary 1 and 2 and T & E teas.

What happened after that is a wonderful success story. Let Ella tell you her story.

The surgeon said: No chemo, you have three months. With chemo, it would be two-and-a-half years. What?

Given a choice – which one would you choose?

Do chemo and live for two-and-a-half years inclusive of the side effects,

OR, have a solid one-year life of happiness without chemo?

(Note: These videos were recorded in mid-September 2009. Ella came to Penang for a week’s holiday. It was our pleasure to welcome her to this Island Paradise. One evening we sat down to talk.)

I am writing this story on 18 January 2012. It has been THREE YEARS and1 TWO MONTH and Ella is still doing well. And she is still taking the herbs and no chemo of course. Let me reproduce some of the e-mails she wrote us.

14 October 2009

Hi Chris and Im,

I have viewed the video and it is fine now.  Thank you. It would be good if it gives people hope to be open minded and believe that cancer need not be a death sentence, if they choose to adopt the more natural and none invasive approach.   They need to question their doctors  “Why they condemn the natural way of treating cancer”  “Where do they get the proof that these treatments do not work.”  If it is from their medical journals then this is a bias conclusion as it is in the interest of their profession to dominate the sickness industry.

We have been brainwashed for too long into thinking that this INDUSTRY has our best interest at heart.  If this was so then they would not seek out and destroy real facts and evidence which has been proven to assist the many illnesses we see in our society to-day.

In my research I have found that the people who are speaking out against the use of  chemo and radiation are in fact medical doctors and scientists who see the same miserable results time and time again. 

1 November 2009

Hi Chris and Im,

Got your email and thank you for letting me know about the book, I will find a copy. Sadly their findings are rarely printed in the notable medical journals like the LANCET etc. How sad to think that one day the truth will come out about the drug companies hold on Cancer research and treatments but tens of thousands of people would have died needlessly.  It breaks my heart to think about it.

In Australia, the people are so blinded and even when shown proof of natural research, they do not want to know.  It is wonderful work that you do Chris and Im and you have given hope and healing to so many.

We had an electrical storm here last night which was amazing to watch.  The skies also opened up and dumped more rain in 1 hour than we have had for over 3yrs.  It is very warm here now and it looks like another hot summer with temps. way over 45degrees.  So glad we have a pool to cool down.

Thinking of you both with much love. Ella xx

18 January 2011

Hi Im and Chris,

Thank goodness the Christmas period is over as it was rather busy with catching up with lots of friends and family.   We, in Australia have our holidays at this time.

All is well and I am fit and healthy and looking forward to another exciting year. I just wish the years would slow up a bit as they seem to fly past.   There is definitely never a dull moment. Did I forward the DVDs to you Im, I’ve forgotten. These are on health. Even when people see that I am so well, they still will not take on their own healing with the help of people as Chris.

We will have two more grandchildren this year, making it, six now. This is what I meant. There’s never a dull moment.

The floods here are devastating. We are flooded but from inside out.  A hot water pipe burst and after a week we are now drying out and assessing the damage. Always thinking of you both and I will call soon.

It has been over two years now since taking teas and I feel great. What would I do without you? I will always be eternally grateful.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have more energy than a 20-year-old.  Most children over here are always tired as they are nutritionally deficient.

Love to you both.   Ella xx

6 November 2011

Hi Chris and Im,

We have been away on holiday travelling many thousands of miles crossing three states. It is amazing how big our country is.  It took us three weeks and there was not a lot of time to explore. All is well and with another baby grandson this now makes six.   It is always fun to be with them as I can act like a child and get away with it.

Too many people are dying here with cancer. It is quite heart breaking to see them follow the cancer trail system (as I call it.)    I met a lady yesterday who had brain cancer and when I mentioned there is another way apart from chemo she said ” My oncologist would never allow me to try something natural, as it does not work. I must do as I am told or he will get angry and not help me.”   There is no hope for such a person as they are like sheep and feel there is nothing they can do for themselves.

On a brighter note, we are at last out of winter and into some warm weather again. I love the warm evenings and a walk along the beach.  We visited a Buddhist temple yesterday and spent the day there, meditating, listening to words of love and caring for our wonderful world and eating good clean food.

How are Albert and Irene doing? How long do they have in America with their studies?  I hope you and Chris are well and enjoying life to the full.  I love the stories and info Chris puts on emails and thank you as the more I know the more I can avail to those who need it.   I will never understand people who need to come and see Chris but won’t.  It seems that the SYSTEM has too a strong hold on them.

Thinking of you both and I send my love. Ella xx


From her e-mails, what do you think of Ella as a person? Cancer patients can learn to be like her. From her e-mails above, you will note that Ella is:

  1. Enjoying life to the fullest – busy being a grandmother of six kids, and at the same time being a wife running a happy family.
  2. She is not a “lamb easily led to the slaughter.” She worked for her healing. Actually we knew Ella way before she had cancer. She is a health activist in Australia and she has been helping cancer patients as well, but to the same extend as we do in CA Care due to the limitations imposed by the laws of her country.
  3. Many patients say they have “positive attitudes.” Saying is one thing, practising it is another.
  4. I have posed this question to Ella when she came to visit us about a year after taking the herbs.  Given a choice – which one would you choose? Do chemo and live for two-and-a-half years OR have a solid one-year life of happiness without chemo?  Ella took a “calculated risk” or “gambled” with her life so to say and she won. She had lived longer than what her doctor had predicted. Even with chemo she was told she would have only two and half years – and remember most of the time spent going in and out of the hospital. But with the herbs, she suffered no side effects and she had lived a good life.

What else can you ever bargain for? And what additional proof do you need to believe?