CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

Cancer Is A Multi-billion Dollar Business



Chemotherapy and radiotherapy cause side effects. They may even cause new cancers, new diseases. So you need more drugs.

Selling drugs for the treatment of side effects of chemotherapy is big business for the drug companies.

What interest does the pharmaceutical industry have to stop cancer if they have revenues of one hundred billion dollars in the US alone every year from keeping cancer ongoing?

The only reason why cancer is still a death verdict is the billions of dollars drug companies make from the ongoing cancer epidemic. 

Reference: Matthias Rath, lecture/new_york_2002_09_29.htm 29 Sept. 2002 50


More Drugs More Money Paradigm

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy kill both cancer cells and healthy cells. They cause numerous side effects such as bleeding of the gastrointestinal tract due to destruction of the cell lining, reduction in blood cells and make you prone to infections.

Other side effects of the treatments are: heart damage, infections, liver and kidney damage, nausea, depression.

So you need pain killers, cortisone for the inflammation, blood substitution, antibiotics, anti-depressants, etc., etc.

The pharmaceutical market for the so-called treatment of side effects for chemotherapy is bigger than chemo-drugs itself. There is more money to be made. 

Reference: Matthias Rath, lecture/new_york_2002_09_29.htm 29 Sept. 2002


Medicine As A Business

The treatment of disease is not a science…but a thriving industry ~  Sir James Barr, Vice President, British Medical Association. 

Physicians are called to service, to put patients’ good above our own. That’s a very spiritual calling. But with … making medicine a business, we’re … losing that sense of purpose and meaning ~ Christina Puchalski, professor of medicine, George Washington University. Reader’s Digest Sept. 2001.

People go where the money is, and you’d like to believe it’s different in medicine, but it’s really no different in medicine. When you start thinking of oncology as a business, then all these decisions make sense ~ Dr. Robert Geller, oncologist. New York Times, 12 June 2007 by Alex Beresen.


What Makes You Think They Really Want A Cure?

Hilary Roberts, Department of Child Health, University of Manchester and Steve Hickey of Manchester Metropolitan University wrote:

Conflicts of interest … lie at the heart of modern medical science.

A cure for cancer would perhaps be less welcome than one might think.

The criterion used for investigating cancer treatments is the potential for financial profit.

If a therapy provides the possibility of a cure without profit, it will not be investigated, and above it, it might even be actively suppressed.

Reference: Steve Hickey & Hilary Roberts, Cancer – nutrition and survival.