CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

Brain Cancer: She Was in a Coma


Daisy (not real name), then a 21-year-old female, presented with vomiting and headaches. A CTscan indicated obstructive hydrocephalus. Her condition returned to normalcy after the installation of V-P shunts. Barely one and a half years later Daisy suffered a relapse. Subsequent imaging indicated tumors in the brain and this was diagnosed as pineoblastoma. Daisy was in a coma and had to be warded in the intensive care unit of the hospital. Medically she was written off. Doctors told her parents to find whatever “cures” they thought would help Daisy. A stranger told her parents about CA Care herbs. Two weeks after taking the herbs, Daisy emerged from coma and was discharged from the hospital. She suffered total memory loss and had to learn how to read and do the basic household chores all over again. Daisy remained well for more than 5 years. She only took herbs.

<strong>Daisy said:</strong> While in the hospital, mine was a dark world. I did not see any images, and I did not feel any pain. And I did not remember hearing anything too. But although I was in a coma, I was not brain-dead. According to my mother, I did react to what was going on around me in the ward. When my friends came they cried and told me not to leave them yet. My mother said my eyes were also full of tears when my friends cried. At one time, I became very angry. At times, I laughed. When my judo coach from Korea came, I talked to him in Korean much to the amazement of those around me. There were times when I asked for pizza, satay, etc. Nevertheless, I could not remember all these events.

My mother said that after I took your herbs, I started to pass out a lot of urine and it was dark and dirty. My parents panicked and called Uncle Patoppoi to check what had happened. Uncle Patoppoi asked my parents to continue giving me the herbs. My friends told me that while I was in the ICU, my skin peeled off like a moulting snake. They have to apply oil to my skin.

After taking your herbs for a while, one day I started to talk. My mother was beside my bed and she usually would be singing hymns. I said to her: “Oh, your hymn is out of tune” and I laughed. People around me were astonished and called the doctor and the nurses. I was alive after all. From then, I started to recover. This incident happened about a week or two after taking your herbs.

I came out of the ICU and I was in the regular ward. I spent about a month doing physiotherapy. I remember telling the nurse who wheeled me to the physiotherapy room: “Where are you going to bring me. I am not sick. I am alright”. This is the first incident that I remember, the rest were all blank.

I lost my ability to move around and to do things. When I saw a toy block, I thought that I could pick it up. No, I did not have the strength to do that. During physiotherapy I had to learn to do things all over again like a young child. I had to learn the alphabets, A, B, C. I rearranged the toy building blocks from one place to another.

My memory came on and off. Sometimes I remembered things, sometimes I did not. There was a doll in my home. I asked my mother: “who’s doll is that?” In fact, it was mine and it was with me all the time when I was in the hospital. My mother had to teach me how to sweep the floor, wipe the table and do other house chores. Slowly, I regained all these basic skills.

I helped my mother to sell things in her shop. One customer paid me 500 Rupiah. I gave him back 1000 Rupiah as change!

I was home for almost a year. I did not suffer any headache or pain. However, there was one occasion when I had seizure. This caused my parents to panic. But it only occurred once and then everything was back to normal again. There was only once when I vomited while taking a walk with my father. Apart from those two events, I was recovering without any problem. After one year I became normal again. In mid-2000, I decided to dedicate my life to God. So I left home to study at a seminary (Sekolah Tinggi Telogi Berita Hihup) in Solo, West Jawa.

Since your discharge from the hospital, I did not see any doctors at all. I was only taking your herbs and nothing else.